Signs Your New Relationship Is Not Working

Very often when we start a new relationship we can be mistaken greatly. At first, everything seems to be so perfect and girls almost adore their new boyfriends. It is like a dream. Unfortunately, sometimes girls are disappointed greatly with their boys and after some period of time they find out that their relationship is going wrong. You can observe that the feelings between you and your boy weaken more and more every day. Here I have a list of certain signs which will help you to see that your present boy will not make you happy in future. If you observe any of these problems, you should think carefully about the boy you’ve chosen.

1. You are not of great importance for him

You feel lack of communication with your boyfriend. And he never has time for you. Other things are more important for him than you. He even doesn’t attempt to change something. Your boyfriend is satisfied with the current state of things. But you should keep in mind that the time spent together with your man makes your love stronger and more powerful. You must be the most significant and precious for him. If you see that something is wrong in the boy’s attitude to you, certainly he doesn’t deserve you.

2. You don’t feel comfortable with him

How to understand that the boy you’ve met is your destiny? It is very easy. Even during your first date with him you should feel relaxed and peaceful. But when you are uncomfortable with your boy and every time think how to behave, that is the first signal you must leave him. You should not do things which you don’t like and tell what you don’t think only for your boy’s satisfaction. If the boy truly loves you, he will accept you with all your good and bad sides, so that you don’t need to pretend being a perfect person.

3. He doesn’t make you feel happy

It’s not a secret that the first stage of every relationship is the happiest time which two loving people can enjoy for a few months. We know this period as a honeymoon. During it a boy and a girl always miss each other, they can’t live even one hour without their sweetheart. People usually experience the ultimate happiness at the beginning of their relationship. But at the very moment you don’t have that feeling any more you should think what is going wrong.

4. His quirks make you nervous

Another way to find out if the new boy is a wrong person for you is your reaction to his quirks. If you become angry and nervous easily every time when his behavior is weird, surely he is not your man. Your boy’s actions can only drive you mad and you feel that your love isn’t so powerful as it was before. In case you are lucky so much and really you managed to find your true love, the boy’s jokes and strange behavior will never make you crazy. Just smile and cheer will appear on your face.

5. Communication becomes a problem

Communication between a boy and a girl is of the first priority if really they want to build a successful relationship. It’s necessary that you can speak with your boy without any obstacles. Your conversation should be natural and easy. If it happens that you can’t tell any secrets to your boyfriend or share your troubles with him that means your relationship will fail sooner or later. So, always remember about this sign of a bad relationship.

6. Bad things prevail in your relationship

If you feel that your new relationship is not working you should definitely analyze it taking into consideration all the pluses and minuses. You can simply draw a list of good and bad things which happen between two of you. Think about your boyfriend’s traits which really make you happy and about those which can depress you. After count all the points of your list and make a conclusion. If negative things prevail you can certainly try to improve some aspects of your love. But you can’t be sure it will work. Perhaps it’s time to set free your mind and heart.

7. Dreaming about others

It is natural that sometimes you can think or even dream about any handsome and attractive guy whom you can meet at different places such as café or supermarket. It’s not a problem if those thoughts come to your mind just for a moment. But when you become insane fantasizing about others it’s high time to measure the power of your love. If you are completely happy with your boyfriend you will never focus your attention on others.

Now, when you know some signs of wrong relationship you can analyze the one with your boy. If there are some problems in your communication, understanding or simply you are bored from each other, don’t torture yourself. You better leave your boyfriend. Do you know any other signs of bad relationship? Tell about your personal experience.



Signs Your New Relationship Is Not Working