Simple Lower Back Stretches

Sometimes, strains occur in the lower back, causing a terrible pain. Most of us have experienced back pains for one reason or another. Maybe you exercise too much or spend too much time in front of the screens. The stretches that you can use to reduce your lower back pain should be done in sequences. There is the essence or need for consistency.

Being consistent in exercising the joints and muscles of your back is helpful. You can plan and try to have the stretches twice or thrice min the day for good or better results. Sequences you decide or plan for depends on the amount of pain on the back. If the pain reduces, you need to reduce the sequences. You can take the stretches thrice or even four times a week. Here are some stretches that will hopefully help you reduce lower back pain:


1. Pelvic tilt warm up

When doing the stretches, make use of a yoga mat, carpet or even a rug. This position is relaxing for the joint and muscles of the back. When you are in the position, ensure the back doesn’t touch the mat or the carpet. The tilt is performed by tightening the muscles of the abdomen to press the small on the back against mat or the floor. Hold the position for 6 or 7 minutes and release.

Do these tilts four or five times. You can build this to be up to 10 or more repetitions. You need to take then a deep breath. When you exhale, the abdominal contract and thus pulls the belly towards the direction of the spines. Hold for at a moment of 10 minutes. You can repeat this for about ten times. At this point now you are ready to stretch.


2. Hamstring floor stretch

The stretch is good and effective for relieving lower back pain and doesn’t take you a lot of time. It is simple. It works for the hamstrings including the back of the thighs. It helps to keep them relaxed. This is also essential for relieving back and knee pains. Do the stretch for about 2 minutes and hold each rep of 30 seconds. Do the stretches for both of the legs. As you raise or bring up the legs, the abdominal contract.


3. Piriformis stretch

It’s essential and effective for back pain reduction as it works the glutes and the joints of the back. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. Contracting the abdominal just before you rest the foot in the direction opposite to the other leg. Repeat with both legs 2-3 times.


4. Quadriceps stretch

The stretch is good for the thighs. It stretches the thighs reducing any pain, including lower back pain. You need to switch the legs to ensure that both thighs benefit. For the stretch, holding for 30 minutes is essential.


5. Knees to chest stretch

This stretch works for the back to bring relaxation and reduce the pain. It helps to relax your glutes. The lower back is also relaxed. Hold for about 10 seconds and release. Repeat with both legs. Straightening the legs relaxes the joints as well. Keep left leg bent in case you have some discomforts or pain in the back during the process of doing the stretch.


6. Hip flexor stretch

This hip flexor stretch works the front of thighs and the hips. It is thus good for relaxing and reducing any pains in the joints or the back. You need to hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. Try to do the stretches with both legs. Switch to the other after you stretch the first leg. The tip of contracting abdominals and keeping both shoulders straight during the exercise is essential.


7. Total back stretch

The exercise is good as it totally reduces pain and pressure on the back. All the joints benefit and any pressure or tension on the joints disappears. You need to change your posture and be on your feet. You need support to hold on to using your hands to enable you to bend the back. The head should face downwards.


8. Spine stretch

The stretch works the hamstrings and lower back. Do it for about 20 or 30 seconds. Do the stretch with both knees one after the other. Before you bring the knees together, contract the abdominal. Check out the video to learn how to do spine stretch correctly.

These simple stretches help to relieve lower back pain and improve the posture. Depending on the amount of pain, you need to plan the sequences for stretching accordingly. The stretches are simple and can take you less time as compared to other exercises. The videos and pictures will help you learn to do the stretches with ease.


Simple Lower Back Stretches

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