Simple Ways to Show Your Love Without Words

Simple Ways to Show Your Love Without Words

It’s so easy to tell someone you love them, but can you show your love without using words? Great actions always speak louder than great words and when it comes to love, it’s important to learn how to express your love without words. Did you remember that guy who said that he loved you many times, but it was in word only and he didn’t back up his confession with gestures? Sure, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell someone you love them. Just try to show your partner, friend or parent you love them once in a while in order to have stronger relationship.

  1. Make time for them
    No matter how busy you are, you should always find time for those you love. You might have plenty of important tasks and meetings and maybe your partner, parent or friend understand it. But it’s not difficult to pick the phone to call them and ask how their day is going. Or, take a small break and drink coffee together. A weekend picnic is also a great idea.
  2. Listen to them
    One of the simplest ways to show your love without words is to listen to them. Listen to each word they say even when it’s boring or you just don’t like the topic of conversation. If they ask you whether they’ve told you this story before, why not say “Yes, but could you tell it again because I’ve forgotten some details?” If they love telling this particular story over and over again, don’t interrupt and simply listen to them.

  3. Kisses and hugs
    When it comes to showing somebody you love them without using words, the warmth of kisses and hugs are the best. Whether it’s a kiss good morning or good night or a hug to let them know you care or simply miss them, this is a great way to express your love.

  4. Make their life easier
    I don’t mean to give them money or accomplish all their tasks or do anything like this. I mean to do the small things such as taking out the trash or buying necessary foods without being asked, or doing something that they don’t enjoy doing. Although it may seem like little things, if you do them you can make the person’s life a bit easier.

  5. Random surprise
    I love random surprises and I’m pretty sure most of you love them too. When you listen to everything the person says, you learn a lot about them. Once at a supermarket I unintentionally said to my boyfriend what my favorite childhood ice cream was. Since then, every time I’m upset or depressed, he brings me a pint of it. I’m glad that he remembered this little thing and this shows that he really listens to me and loves me. He often makes breakfast in bed for me and I try to do the same every now and then. I think it’s a sweet gesture of the affection.

  6. Send a care package
    If someone you love lives far away from you, why not send them a care package? When it comes to love, distance is not a problem and you can still show them you really care about them. A package of the small things you know they’ll need or like is what you need to show your love without words.

  7. Cook for them
    Many people typically cook on special occasions such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays, but why not cook something special for someone you love? Figure out their favorite meal and try to make it today. You can even cook it and surprise the person at their workplace or college.

  8. Support them
    Everyone makes mistakes, it’s human nature. So it’s important to support someone you love during the hard times. Even if you told them not to do it, but they still did it and now regret it, don’t tell them “I told you so.” Support them and tell that we need mistakes and everybody messes up, we just have to learn from them and move on.

Learning to show your love without words doesn’t have to be difficult; even the smallest thing can make a big difference in someone’s day. Feel free to express yourself through your good actions instead of telling words but make sure you do it sincerely. How do you show your love without words?