Skim Milk is NOT Healthy for You

Due to modern lifestyle, many people tend to use all types of packaged food available and purchase foods that say they’re low fat or fat free. Most of us have switched to skim milk because we think it is much healthier, but it is not actually healthy. Check out a few reasons skim milk is not healthy for you.

Reasons Skim Milk is NOT Healthy for You

1. Causes heart diseases

Since the saturated fats are drained out of skim milk, it actually fails to be nutritious. The saturated fat is the most nutritious aspect of the milk and if it is absent, the cholesterol settles down in the arteries, increasing the risk of heart attack and strokes.

2. Low in vitamin A

The vitamin A concentration lowers greatly when fat is removed from milk. The thing is that vitamin A is fat-soluble and if you do not get the required amounts of vitamin A, it’s taken from the liver and this lowers vitamin A reserves.

3. Skimps on vitamin K

There is little or no vitamin K found in skim milk. If you want to get the goodness of vitamin K, you should drink skim milk along with a small cube of cheese or a block of butter. Sure, you drink skim milk in order to lose those extra pounds, but the result is actually useless if you don’t get enough vitamin K. If you want to get enough vitamin K, you should consume high fat products, such as cheese and butter.

4. Causes inflammation in the arteries

Although skim milk may have all the same health benefits and the good ingredients that a whole milk has, powdered milk solids produce nitrates that may clog and block, causing inflammation in the arteries.

5. Leads to lower fertility

You need to know that high consumption of skim milk or low fat can impair a woman’s ability to ovulate. It’s vital to have a good intake of full-fat dairy and all the necessary vitamins from a whole milk if you plan to conceive or if you are pregnant. Low fat milk or skim milk does not provide the necessary vitamins, fat, and calcium that every woman needs.

Do you drink a whole or skim milk? Do you know any other reasons skim milk is unhealthy for you? Share your thoughts, please!


Skim Milk is NOT Healthy for You