Small Breaks in Routine Working Can rejuvenate You

Once a Saint mentioned that he was taking retirement. The followers were surprised to hear about his wishes and asked why he was willing to do so as they knew that a Saint does not have any retirement age like an employee. A cricketer announces his retirement as a CEO of a corporation. But a saint? He was packing his belongings at the cottage, as he was “retiring”, as he put it. “Does a saint ever retire?,” his followers asked. Laughing, he said, “A saint never retires but he must get out of the way of young, energetic saints! For the body is no longer agile – but he continues to be of help to society, maybe even more sincerely.”
An older saint has a lifetime of experience and faith, has witnessed many sorrows and miracles. Can a saint be a burden to society due to his age or sickness? His prayers, goodwill and the spiritual wealth acquired are for everyone, for the entire world. A senior saint is not exhausted by age or by work as other worldly people are; rather he is a treasure trove of spiritual insight.

“We leave our home, our family, only to acquire a bigger family. You have a small home to perform your duties while we owe to the entire world. All women, of any age, are like mothers and sisters for us. You shed tears when you see the pain of your loved ones who are few in number but we feel and care for all. No one is excluded. You celebrate mother’s Day or Father’s Day once a year but for us all days are mother’s Day and all days are Father’s Day” said the Saint.

To be a saint does not mean to be insensitive to the world. he explains: “We , too, are emotional when it comes to relationships. I will have to leave my possessions when I shift permanently somewhere else. The very thought is wrenching my heart because the earthly possessions have no intellect to detach . But what about human beings who are attached to their loved ones?

This attachment could prove detrimental. In this very birth learn to love all and not get attached to a few. We feel so much love for humanity that we can feel your pain as deeply as you do. We don’t have any grudges towards or expectations from anyone.

“After a lifetime on the spiritual path I can say that the path to living is: Never expect but accept. Accept whatever comes your way. You have come here to win, no to lose. Why do you lose. Why do you lose your health, your peace of mind over trivial issues?

Win as many friends as possible, overcome life’s hurdles with your will power, win peoples’ hearts with kindness. The more peaceful and calm one is, the more you will be drawn to a life of spiritualism. There is no need to convert people to your ideas of God, to your ideas of faith.

God is not about shaking faiths; rather God is about reaffirming faith. To reach God one must love Him, love all Creation and then there will be no question of insisting which path one should follow. Let each follow the path that He likes. Utilise each moment in loving God and His devotees.

“You need neither starving nor overeating, neither sleeping too much nor too little, neither too much mirth nor seriousness. You need to preserve this body, the vehicle that will take you near God. With meditation, you acquire tranquility. The calm mind tends to focus one-pointedly when it follows the path Discharge you duties lovingly. During your routine life, you must make some breaks – it will help you to rejuvenate your capability for new assignments.

Be Happy – Small Breaks in Routine Working Can rejuvenate You