Smart Ways to Shop Wisely

Even if you are already smart and you know how to save some money, a few additional helpful tips for wise shopping can never hurt! Check out some rules to go by while shopping, hope you will enjoy them.

1. Always shop alone

Remember alone shopper is a wise shopper! The more people you shop with, the more items you buy. They will distract you and you will pay less attention to your shopping list. Moreover, they can influence you to buy things you have never even thought of purchasing.

2. Never shop when you’re hungry

Always eat before you go shopping! If you hit the supermarket while you are hungry, you can end up buying considerably more stuff or worse – things you don’t need at all! On the other hand, if you choose this time to go shopping for clothes, you might not like the way they fit later.

3. Avoid cheap shops that sell low-quality goods

Every woman knows at least one store that sells really cheap, but not well made stuff. The next way to shop wisely is to avoid such cheap stores! Otherwise, you will get distracted and end up buying a lot of low-quality goods, half of which will not even survive the first use. Look only for good offers in shops that sell better quality goods and you will save by paying the same for an item you will get more uses from.

4. Don’t shop every sale

Don’t buy things you don’t need right now as it will do nothing but help you spend your money. And don’t buy crazy amounts of items that go on sale very often, even if you really need them. It’s just a waste of money and space and if the items are always available on sale you can buy them the next time you need them. Advanced purchasing is not always the best option!

5. Use coupons wisely

Coupons are a good way to save on things you need! However they could also trick you into buying things you don’t need or want. That’s why you should use coupons to buy items you will use or at least can give away as birthday gifts.

6. Buy in small quantities

It’s okay to buy frozen, canned and dry items in large quantities. But don’t buy anything you cannot freeze or use by its expiration date! Pay attention to fruits and vegetables, they are cheap, but they lose their freshness very quickly too. I always buy a lot of veggies or fruits when I’m absolutely sure I’ll cook them all.

7. Always check the expiration dates, sizes and prices

Remember family packs are not always cheaper than smaller pack sizes! Recently I realized that they are not only expensive, but they also contain less product than 2 or 3 smaller packs! Always check the expiration dates, sizes and prices. And don’t buy a lot of something that you won’t use up before it goes bad.

Do you have some tips for smart shopping? Share your thoughts, please!


Smart Ways to Shop Wisely