Most Spontaneous Things to Do

There are so many things you can do spontaneously. They might be not for everyone but, sometimes doing something daring, or even living on the edge can bring the spark back in that dull step. I’m sure most of us want to do spontaneous things. Check out my list, and choose something you can do to be more spontaneous!

1. Rock a new style

Often we see a nice pair of jeans and think that we would never be able to wear those jeans. But actually we can! So go out of your normal wear and buy things that can be a little different. Don’t be afraid to rock a new style! It’s one of the most spontaneous things you can do.

2. Get a tattoo

Tattoo is not for everyone, but my friend took this bold and risky step! I strongly believe in living life without regrets, so does my friend. But she definitely got spontaneous with her boyfriend and got a nice tattoo on her back.

3. Skydive

I’m afraid of free falling from a plane as well as bungee jumping, but it is one of my craziest and most spontaneous things I want to do! My brother and his wife have both done it with ease, and I admire them both! Skydiving is a heart-racing excitement, and memories of a lifetime!

4. Get a piercing

Piercing may not be good for everybody, but, if you want to get a new piercing, then why not? You can get your tongue pierced, or just change up the style of jewelry that you would normally wear. I have my nose and ears pierced and what about you? Would you get a new spontaneous piercing?

5. Get a daring haircut

After having over 12 inches of long locks, I cut off all my hair and got a pixie cut! You might think I’m crazy, but sometimes I love to spice things up for myself! I often step out of my comfort zone and change up my style! Have you ever tried a daring new hairstyle? Did you plan it, or was it spontaneous?

6. Day trip

I have done this many times. Take a spontaneous day trip! It can be an overnight trip or one or two day trip. Sometimes a change in atmosphere and scenery can do wonders! But don’t go as a tourist, and try to do the things that locals like to do!

7. Bungee jumping

This is for thrill seekers! Unfortunately, I have not experienced this yet, but it certainly is on my list! As I said, bungee jumping is something that I have to overcome my fears! But, I have a lot of friends who have done it and would like to do it again! I think, it’s a good sign!

Aren’t these things crazy and spontaneous? What is the most spontaneous and craziest thing you have ever done? Share your thoughts, please!


Most Spontaneous Things to Do