Spring Holiday Travel Tips

Spring Holiday Travel Tips
Spring Holiday Travel Tips

Spring Holiday Travel Tips :

Travel Big On A Modest Budget

This spring, travel where you need to without breaking your budget. Start by determining your timetables, and what sort of flexibility you have—or can get. The more, the better. You may be surprised at some of the deals you can get if you’re simply able to book travel around existing deals—especially in the spring, when promotions tend to find a ready audience.

For example, say you’re looking to fly somewhere like Australia. Such a flight will be expensive, but you can cut costs if you book last-minute seats. If you are thinking of hiring private Jet Charter services then you can surely lookout www.Jettly.com for affordable and best charter jets for your travel. Give yourself a few days to play around with in your schedule, and you can save hundreds of dollars to either save, or commit to other travel.

You might save enough to take a vacation into areas you’d never explore otherwise—such as the ski slopes around Thredbo. For a good example of mountain lodgings to make such an excursion comfortable, take a look here.

Make Money While You Travel

There are also travel options you can take which put money in your pocket. Have you ever booked passage on a merchant marine vessel? There’s a caveat: for best results when you’re literally working for your passage on a ship, you’ll likely need some naval experience.

Still, if you’ve got that, you can basically work as the guy at the bottom of the totem pole throughout your transit. It may not be the most comfortable passage, but it’s actually possible to make a living wage, leaving you in the “green” after a voyage halfway across the world.

Especially if you’re on the tail-end of a vacation or holiday season, you might find yourself dealing with holiday debt hangover. Getting ahead of that by using creative travel solutions from the outset can be key, but not everyone has that luxury—especially when unexpected travel necessities develop.

Cut Out That Coffee

If you’re home after the holidays trying to figure out where all the time and money went, it’s best to make a resolution of some kind and stick to it. Perhaps going forward you will no longer buy designer coffees at the cafe on the way to work, instead making your own.

That can save you more money than you might realize. At $3 a day, that’s $1,095 a year. Quit buying those coffees and you’ll find a cool grand in your bank account, and that can fulfill even expensive travel needs.

Curtail Your Commute

Next look at your daily commute. If you drive twenty miles round-trip every day, you might be able to bolster your own health and save money at the same time by cutting out the car. Instead of driving to work, ride your bike. A ten mile ride is about what a two mile jog would be, provided terrain is relatively even.

At optimal health, you should be able to do so and only break a light sweat; something entirely manageable in the washroom wherever you work. Even if you can only cut your transit in half, that’s a lot of savings.

Putting $1,600+ In Your Pocket Without Changing Much

If you can ride your bike ten days out of twenty in a traditional work month, at twenty miles a day, that’s 200 miles a month, or 2,400 a year. Currently petrol in Australia is $1.40 a liter, or about $5.30 a gallon for those reading from the states. A gallon is about twenty miles.

If you can cut your commute in half, you’ll save around $636 a year. By cutting coffee and commute costs, you can recoup $1,600+ in expenses. If you can get rid of your commute entirely, you can save as much as $2,270+ without even changing your lifestyle all that much. This spring, consider your options, try to be flexible, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.



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Spring Holiday Travel Tips

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