Strategies For Physician Recruitment In The Coming Years

Strategies For Physician Recruitment In The Coming Years : According to a 2019 study by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), America is likely to face a critical shortage of healthcare providers by 2032. This tragic news forced a collective sigh from HR professionals or any physician recruiter in the US, who were already encountering historic unemployment levels in the non-clinical sector.
With shortages of nurses and physicians, it is clear that the healthcare industry faces extreme workplace shortages and talent gaps that will likely get worse.

Some reports reveal that the healthcare recruiters are planning to continue hiring without any layoffs anticipated anytime soon. Finding a competitive candidate requires a think-outside-the-box plan of action. We have compiled a few suggestions for filling roles by beating the odds that are evidently not in the recruiter’s favor.

Techniques that physician recruiting teams should use

Start campus recruitment ahead of time

The recruiters should nurture promising talents to fill their hiring positions and bring fresh talent to the healthcare sector. Recruiters can serve as mentors to help students determine their career paths.

Offer internships to college-going bright young adults because it will enable them to be prepared for a healthcare sector profession.

Healthcare organizations can also benefit and earn loyalty by treating good future hires.

Improve the hiring process with the use of technology

With 69% of recruiters worried about competition for talent from other recruiters, it is indeed a great idea to streamline your entire process via cloud technologies.

Providing a seamless process on mobile devices is considered to be a great strategy. 78% of millennials seek and apply for jobs on their mobiles. Having responsive career portals that work well on mobile devices is the foremost step towards reaching the concerned audience.

If you are a recruiter who is worried about competitors encroaching on your talent, you should definitely focus on creating a simple, fast, and consistent candidate screening process.

Use the best job boards for healthcare

Job boards are an excellent resource for healthcare recruiters. Sourcing from healthcare-focused job boards will improve finding the best and most appropriate candidates for the recruiters.

Reach out to people from other professions

Stepping out of your comfort zone into the fields where you may lack expertise is a great way to freshen a stale pipeline. You should consider reaching professionals from other fields that can crossover to healthcare. For example, military veterans returning to civilian lives are good targets outside the traditional healthcare channel.

Offer better compensation and fringe benefits than peers

As a physician recruiter, you should offer attractive packages because healthcare is a highly competitive sector. However, if you cannot pay more to the physicians, consider offering other perks like sign-on bonuses, relocation assistance, free medical insurance, paid travel allowance, etc.


Undoubtedly, there exists a shortage of physicians in the healthcare sector. Therefore, a physician recruiter should consider focusing on having the right tools, staying organized, improving retention, and thinking out of the box to keep the stress away and the talent pipeline full.






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Strategies For Physician Recruitment In The Coming Years

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