Style In the Studio: The Best & Most Functional Looks for Your Workouts

Style In the Studio: The Best & Most Functional Looks for Your Workouts : It doesn’t matter if you’re new to working out or a veteran of the fitness studio, there’s no better way to own your workouts than by adding style to your routine. Fitness studio dressing doesn’t need to look sloppy, and you don’t need to be a runway model to rock the best and most functional looks for your workouts. Style in the studio is all about practical moves that work for your body and your workout routine.


5 Easy Pieces

The basics of style in the studio amount to 5 easy pieces, tailored to your tastes:

  1. Leggings
  2. Tank or t-shirt
  3. Sweatshirt
  4. Socks
  5. Athletic shoes

These 5 pieces of clothing form the foundation of fitness studio style. Choose quality fabrics that offer moisture-wicking features to keep you dry, like bamboo socks—one of the hottest items in the fitness wear market, keeping your feet cool and dry as you work out. Then, add on more pieces as you go.

Women with petite frames have special challenges for fitness wear but so do larger-framed women. Seek out brands that accommodate your body’s needs.

Add-Ons and Alternatives

Your 5 easy pieces create a foundation that you can add to. If you get outside to work out in winter for hiking, skiing, skating, or running, layering pieces of designer activewear is your best bet. A long-sleeve, hooded t-shirt under a sweatshirt keeps you warm while allowing your body to breathe, especially with a wicking fabric next to your skin. Add a hat and gloves to stay toasty!

Fleece-lined leggings are another workout favorite, perfect for hitting the trails, the rink, or the slopes in cozy style that keeps you warm and defended from the cold. And when you get home? Wrap yourself in the cozy comfort of a wearable blanket hoodie after a nice, hot shower. Think of it as a reward for a great workout!

The Best & Most Functional Looks in 2024

It’s a busy world and sometimes, you’ll want to transition from the fitness studio to brunch, shopping, or a casual night out with friends at the local watering hole. For those moments, seek out the multi-functional looks set to dominate activewear in 2024.

The oversized hoodie is the leading look among incoming sportswear trends. You’ll want at least one of these to cozy up to in active style. But you’ll also see the sustainability impulse continuing to assert itself in every facet of fashion. In activewear, look for organic cotton and recycled polyester, two huge fabric tech trends that will become even more important next year.

Whatever you do, don’t rule out the full-length bodysuit. This next-generation activewear piece is set to become a major fashion influence in 2024. Dress it down for the gym or throw a tunic over it to brunch hard. You’ll never regret adding one or more of these versatile items to your workout/post-workout wardrobe. And that’s the name of the game—workout gear that looks so good, you can wear it just about anywhere!

Style in the fitness studio gets you motivated, looking your best to feel your best. With just five easy pieces and a few stylish, multi-functional add-ons, you’re ready to rock your workout and beyond!










Style In the Studio: The Best & Most Functional Looks for Your Workouts

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