Substance Abuse: Preventative Measures That Produce Results

Substance Abuse: Preventative Measures That Produce Results : Drug use is on the rise, which is one of the responses to the stresses of living in a modern society, as people find the pressures in their life building up. Using a drug is often seen as a way of escaping the harsh reality the person finds themselves in.

While this might be true in the short term, drug use normally leads to dependency and this is the beginning of a downward spiral. Here are some of the methods employed to prevent substance abuse:

Dealing with Peer Pressure

One of the main reasons that a person takes drugs is to fit in with their friends, and people who are addicted to drugs feel more secure when others around them also use. This is especially the case with teenagers, although the same can be said for some adults who have a close circle of friends that use a drug regularly.


This is often a last straw treatment when a person has reached rock bottom, and, of course, for rehab to work, the user must be determined to quit using all mind-altering substances. There is, for example, successful rehab for crack addiction in Phuket, Thailand by qualified experts who understand what the addict is going through. In some cases, the practitioners are recovering addicts themselves.

Seeking the Underlying Cause

There are many reasons why a person might turn to drugs and if possible, it is wise to try to find the underlying cause, which might be low self-esteem, a deep-rooted fear, or even a traumatic event in the past. Talking with a trained therapist or psychologist can often reveal the root of the problem, and if this is addressed, the substance abuse usually ceases. There is a great article that looks at ways to prevent drug use at home, which is also well worth the read.

Changing the Circle of Friends

In many cases, it does not matter how hard a person tries to quit taking drugs as their friends encourage them to continue to use. By eliminating all negative influences, the person has a much better chance of making a complete recovery. This is also symbolic of making a new start in life, which is often all it takes to have the motivation to take the first important steps to recovery.

Taking Up a Sport or Hobby

If a person who uses drugs has no real passion in their life, this is not a good situation, and by getting involved in something they feel passionate about, this can provide the energy needed to address the substance abuse. Of course, the person will need a lot of encouragement and support, but there have been many occasions where a group of friends have managed to help an addict by getting them involved in something positive.

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Of all the above potential treatments, a spell at a rehab centre is the most likely to achieve the desired result, and with the help of family and close friends, the person can remain clean as their life greatly improves.







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Substance Abuse: Preventative Measures That Produce Results

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