Surrogacy in Ukraine and the USA: Is there a difference?

Surrogacy in Ukraine and the USA: Is there a difference? : The most attractive country for Surrogacy Reproductive Assisted Technology tends to be Ukraine with open legal regulations and comfort for the Intended parents. The USA Surrogacy agencies are also commonly recommended.

With this article we want to clear out the main pros and cons of Surrogacy in the USA and Ukraine.

If you are relatively new in the theme of Surrogacy motherhood, you need to understand that Surrogacy and its legitimacy varies from country to country.

Here are some aspects about Surrogacy you need to take into account firstly: 

  • Surrogacy as a kind of assisted reproductive technology may occur only for medical indications (in case of severe infertility in one of the pair)
  • Surrogacy process can occur only with voluntary consent of the Surrogate (on paid or altruistic basis)
  • Donor material usage is possible (some countries require at least one of the Intended parents to have genetic connection with the child)
  • Baby born with the help of Surrogacy technology is considered to be the baby of the Intended parents officially (depends on the country)

United States and Surrogacy legitimacy

The United States is identified as the country with different legally independent states where authorities regulate Surrogacy processes and their legality.

Such a featuring administrative system prompts to be especially attentive to Surrogacy nuances in each state.

The States of the USA have the following conditional differentiation in the sphere of Surrogacy:

  • States with full permission
    In such states as California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Maine, Vermont, etc. Surrogacy is permitted for families with different/same sex and even for single person. More information needs to be classified according to state.
  • States with partial permission
    Surrogacy is not allowed for unmarried couples in such states as Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Minnesota, Georgia, etc. Surrogacy agreements and post-birth legal procedures with additional parental involvement are required.
  • States with caution practice
    Idaho, Wyoming, Tennessee and Virginia states practice Surrogacy, but potential legal barriers can occur, so your Surrogacy outcome is partially uncontrolled.
  • States with exceptional caution practice
    In such states as Arizona and Indiana Surrogacy agreements practice is not under the control of statute. Parental rights are approved through the court.
  • States with full-fledged ban
    Surrogacy processes are totally prohibited, or both intended parents could not be indicated as parents in a birth certificate. States with such regulations are Nebraska, Michigan, Louisiana.

Surrogacy agencies in the USA 

As it was said before the USA Surrogacy legal regulations can be challenging, so you need to be well-informed before using the services of Surrogacy agencies in each specific state.

From the variety of options there are Conceive Abilities Surrogacy agency in Georgia (GA) or American Surrogacy in Alabama.

Surrogacy in Ukraine 

Surrogacy can be challenging in countries with badly regulated Surrogacy processes or unfriendly legal surroundings for it.

Ukraine is a country with young and powerful leadership which promotes Surrogacy among foreigners.

There are stable and well regulated Surrogacy laws that allows this process in the following basis:

  • Surrogacy is allowed for married heterosexual couples of different sex
  • Surrogacy is possible to occur with special medical indication
  • Surrogate mother must have no genetic connection to the child she carries
  • Intended parents must have direct genetic connection to the child (at least one of the couple)

One of the leading Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine is ADONIS International which provides all medical processes in Ukraine in high technological clinics. And, for the highest comfort of the clients from the United States and Canada, ADONIS have the Headquarter in Colorado Springs, USA.

ADONIS provides informational support and starting of the processes from abroad while quality medical assistance is carried out in Ukraine.

See more on the ADONIS International website and get the advantage from the Surrogate process in Ukraine.




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Surrogacy in Ukraine and the USA: Is there a difference?

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