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Should I Go Paleo Diet?

Should I Go Paleo Diet?
Should I Go Paleo Diet?

It’s more than a diet; it’s a way of life. Just ask a Paleo person.

The Paleo premise seems tantalizingly sensical: For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings ate and lived in ways that bear little resemblance to our modern modes of existence. It stands to reason that our bodies and minds haven’t had time to adapt, and that the unhappy consequences are stress, obesity, disease and a general feeling that, well, our primitive ways were probably preferable.

Grocery Items You Should Spend More On

While many of us are trying to cut down grocery bills, buying cheap items is a false economy, because of the low quality. What’s the point of buying a cheap tea, for instance, if you don’t like drinking it? It’s better to buy a more expensive brand, and drink it less often. You should also spend more money on healthy food. Read on and find out some of the grocery items you should spend more on.

Worst Diet Choices of All Time

When it comes to the worst foods to eat when on a diet, we usually think only about fattening foods. But, there are some beverages and foods that we think are healthy for us when we are trying to lose those pounds, but in fact they aren’t. If you are on a diet check out a list of worst diet choices of all time!