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Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Are you looking for some really useful tips for making your nail polish last longer? You buy a great color of nail polish and three days later your nails are already chipped. Yes, I also hate that. So are you ready to stop that chipping and make your nail polish stay on longer? Here are some tips I’ve tried and I know they work!

Nail Polish Colors Guys Like on Girls

Have you ever wondered if there are any particular nail polish colors guys like on girls? Many women say that it’s ridiculous to plan your life around what men love best on you. Sure, it’s true, but if you are trying to get his attention, you might be looking for all possible ways! One of the first things guys usually notice about girls when first meeting them is their hands. Check out a few nail polish colors guys like on girls!

Best Remedies for Brittle Nails

If you are on a strict budget, but still need some good remedies for brittle nails, you can make them at home and have lasting results that cannot be said for some of those much-advertised products. Here are a few best home remedies for brittle nails!