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Reasons Women Like Bad Guys

Have you ever noticed that bad guys always get the woman they want? In fact, many women want to have a boyfriend who is a rebel or a brat. Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind this are? Here are some reasons why most women like bad guys.

Reasons Being a Woman is Awesome

Do you love being a woman? There are so many benefits to being woman. When you are a woman all the options you have are countless. Check out a few reasons why it’s awesome being a woman.

Styling Tips for Short Women

If you are a short woman, then you have some advantages in the fashion world. Sometimes it can be difficult for a tall woman to find clothing, especially the fashionable clothes for the season. You can just add some length to a skirt or a pair of pants by letting down the hemline, and you can take up your pants […]

Best Perfumes for Women

This year, try to shake up your personal style with one of these brand-new or old classic perfumes. It’s astonishing how much a new scent can change your style, your mood, and your outlook! Check out 8 best perfumes for women. Some of them you may already know, but other may be absolutely new to you.

Exercises You Can Do during Your Period

Don’t use your period as an excuse to skip your exercise, but do listen to your body if you need a break from it. One day off each month is not a bad thing. However, if you skip your exercise from the first hint of PMS to the last day of your period, then you will be sitting on your […]

Ways to Take Care of Your Breasts

Not every woman knows how to take care for her breasts, and I’d like to share with you some advices! As women, taking care for our breasts is a vital part of our health! If you don’t care for your breasts, then you could face some serious issues down the road. Check out some ways to take care for your […]

Ways to Become More Feminine

Being a woman and acting like a woman are two absolutely different things. Just because you are a woman doesn’t certainly mean you will be feminine too. This is an art that often has to be mastered. Check out some easy ways to become more feminine.

Convincing Reasons Life is Better after 25

When you are 25 years old, it means you have lived the first quarter of your life and step into the next phase of your life. This is a new era of new opportunities, new excitement, and a plenty of interesting things. Here are some convincing reasons why life is better after 25.

Healthy Habits for Women in Their 20s

Many women in their 20s make the huge mistake of putting off establishing fitness habits and good eating. If you’re a woman in your 20s, take control of your health with these simple habits that will help you to live your life to the fullest.

Lies Women Tell Their Men

Lying doesn’t hurt at times. If a lie can make a person happy, you will not hear anyone complaining. Moreover, some white lies are necessary to keep a relationship going. Women often lie because they are not ready to speak about something. Here are top 10 lies women tell their men.

Women Who Changed the World

Women who changed the world exist throughout history. The achievements of most women were not acknowledged during their lifetime, but now they are recognized for their contributions to medicine, science, the arts, and other fields. I’ve got a list of 7 extraordinary women who changed the world you should definitely check out.

Gender Equality – Women are Superior

In a Battle of the Sexes, Bet on the Women! Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently claimed that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution – which prohibits depriving “any person” of equal rights – does not apply to women. In other words, according to Scalia, women are not the equal of men. Guess what? Scalia is right but in the […]