Take A Short Break From High Techs

With advancement in civilization, man has been striving his best to get new and newer facilities and means to make his life more comfortable and today, it has reached to that stage where on an average he won’t like to conceive his smooth life without them. But some of the inventions made in this direction have, in course of time, developed a number of side effects too on the life. Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, global warming and many other occurrences do not make us feel happier. We are using our irredeemable resources irrationally bringing ourselves to the brink of any collapse any day. We are living a life, full of fears too. The happiness we feel with our inventions is actually not a real one. We have gradually lost our attachment with nature, with our relatives, our neighbors; we are getting more concerned with our own materialistic targets and achievements.

Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are urging their followers to go on a high-tech fast switching off modern appliances like cars to iPods until Easter. Some suggested to have no-meat Fridays and five weeks period devoted to prayers. This way, the Church has rightly focused on the bad effects of the high-techniques on the life and if we take a short break, it may help us to reduce the effect to some extent. For a few decades, we are avoiding our personal meetings with our near relatives – we have reduced our social meetings; we are just working with our tele communication systems. The warmth of our relationship is depreciating day by day. Their appeal is expected to help us to restore that warmth to some extent if we visit our relatives with shorter intervals, we apply some breaks to our polluting habits, we come near to nature, we nourish ourselves with vegetables and fruits only for some time in a week, a fortnight or a month whatever initially it suits to us. Once we determine, we can increase the frequency or period. It would be better for us and the public around to a larger extent. Be Happy – take a short break from High Techniques.