Talk Well With Anyone (Part 2)

Sometime, we need to lead our life in a very formal way. But every time it does not seem to be convenient. Our heart and mind both compel us to be informal too, relaxing all kinds of formal systems which appear to be burdensome. To make yourself light, you are required to break the ice more often whenever you see that your relationship with someone is not getting through smoothly. We are to start our talks somehow and to talk well with confidence.
How would you start talk if you are young one? You may like to ask for a date from him or her. It

is considered to be a very difficult thing to do, asking someone for a date probably because there are just two definite answers here – “yes” and “no”. People think approaching someone for a date is a very difficult task. However, if you go about it the right way, you will at least be able to open the conversation and know if it is a “yes” and “ no”.
Here are the steps you can use to go about it.
  1. Be confident. Think how you will open up the conversation. If the boy or girl you are approaching has some common link with you, you could have something to talk about in that context. Otherwise, you could speak about the situation in which you find each other. Like, if you see him or her sitting at the food plaza in a mall and eating alone, you could walk up to him or her and ask, “Hello, could I join you? I have seen you eating alone here often.” Yes, being honest works here. If you have seen them, you have seen them.
  2. Always keep taking the hints. If they like you, it will be an immediate “yes”. A reluctant “yes” will mean that you have to work on it. A “no” means you have to move elsewhere.
  3. If you are sitting with them, keep foraging for topics to talk about. Don’t worry; the communication lines are open now. You now have to observe the hints. If they like something, talk about it. Don’t downgrade it right away. That could mean a polite excuse and the end of the conversation.
  4. Plan in advance where you will ask them if the situation for a date seems to form itself. Ask them casually. Ask them, “Have you been to China Joe? I hear that’s a good Chinese place to eat.” If they say they haven’t, ask them if they are interested in Chinese food. Basically, get to know them. Chances are, if they like you they will say “yes” to accompany you even if they don’t like Chinese.
  5. Start small. Don’t plan an elaborate date right from the start. They will be more at peace to accompany you at a fast food outlet first than at a seven course buffet restaurant. Also, for the first date choose a place where you can get some privacy but not too much privacy. That might scare them.
Most importantly, stay confident. It isn’t going to be the end of the world if they say “no”. If at any point in the conversation they refuse, don’t be depressed. It is their loss, not yours! Tell yourself that and move on!

Next time, we may have some other topic on the same subject. Till then, have a good day!
Be Happy – Talk Well With Anyone.