The ABCs of Beauty: Facial Skin Care After 40 Years

Facial Skin Care After 40 Years : By the age of 40, skin renewal slows down to more than double that of the teenage years (45 days vs. 20 days on average). It takes much longer for scratches and rashes to regenerate. By now, enough time spent in the sun has accumulated to damage the skin’s DNA, increasing the risk of pigmentation and breaking down collagen faster than we can replenish. In addition, expression lines appear between the eyebrows, around the eyes and mouth.

Skin with age-related changes

It all seems a bit daunting, it’s not always easy to accept age-related changes, especially when they become more pronounced. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep the body’s largest organ as healthy as possible. Even if you’ve turned 40, it’s still possible to turn back the clock and address the signs of damage. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin – but the earlier you develop a regime, the better.

There are many things you can do starting at 40 (or even earlier) to keep your skin healthy for the rest of your life. What you need to know first of all: no magic pill or “wrinkle” cream has been invented yet, what matters is comprehensive and regular action! Don’t be afraid to take your skincare routine up a notch with a facial – it’s never too late to start treating your skin with the love and care it deserves.” – Jessica Green, owner of the Face Space

By creating a care programme for this period of time, you will notice how your skin will start to change for the better every day. Performing small but consistent treatments in this decade will allow you to age gracefully and minimise the need for invasive procedures in your 50s and 60s.


    At this age, regular anti aging facial for many people become a necessity.  A competent specialist will help you choose effective procedures that will work on other layers of the skin, where home remedies can not reach. Do not be afraid to seek help from professionals, but do not forget about the usual routine, because without it, even hardware procedures will help only temporarily.


    As with all other decades of life, daily cleansing of the skin is an absolute necessity. Washing your face before bedtime not only helps to get rid of the day’s dirt, dust and make-up, but also reduces the chances of clogged pores.


    Skin renewal is slower than in previous decades. So to help your skin glow in your 40s, incorporate exfoliating cosmetics into your routine on a regular basis.


    If you’re not using a serum now, it’s time to start. Most contain effective anti-aging ingredients in high concentrations that you won’t find in cleansers and moisturisers. You may not use it in the morning, but include it in your evening routine.


    If you are not disciplined with sunscreen, you can’t do many salon treatments such as, chemical peels or skin resurfacing that help rejuvenate the skin.


    If you only take care of your facial skin, your neck and décolletage area will not only determine your age, but also how much time you spent in the sun when you were younger, as well as any other skincare mistakes you may have made. Don’t overlook the décolletage and neck area – apply sunscreen to them, and moisturise them as well.


    Sleep is always important for overall health and well-being – mental, physical and emotional – but this is even more so after the age of 40. It’s important to get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise to stimulate blood flow and keep your skin glowing. Make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep. Add calcium-rich foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals to your diet. Your skin will definitely say thank you.

You can be beautiful at any age. The main thing is to stay in harmony with your “I” and feel confident,



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Facial Skin Care After 40 Years

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