The Astrology of Yoga

The Astrology of Yoga
The Astrology of Yoga

The Astrology of Yoga : In the yoga traditions there is an astrological science called Jyotish or “the science of Light.” It is the astrology and astronomy of India. It is a tradition of more than 5,000 years that has been transmitted orally from teacher to disciple.

The origin of Vedic astrology

“Jyotish” is a Sanskrit term derived from the word “jyot”, the meaning of which is light. The Jyotish is the science based on the luminaries and has its origins in the ancient scriptures, the Vedas, where the knowledge of the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga is also revealed.

The study of the stars has been used for millennia by rishis, yogis, gurus, and best astrologers in USA, as a tool to represent the flow of karma; since it allows us to understand the subtle influences that come to us from the cosmos as a reflection of the law of said karma.

The compass of the Jyotish: what are we in this world for?

The millenary knowledge of Vedic astrology provides us with information to understand in depth who we are, where we are going, what is our purpose or dharma during this incarnation, through the study of the stars and their movements both at the time of our birth and in different stages of our life. Also similarly try a numerology reading to discover the meaning of your name in numbers.

The study is deep and personal, and can be applied to different situations. It helps us to know the aspects of each planet that can drive us to move in certain directions; to clarify our physical, mental, spiritual existence; and also, to learn how to balance it.


This ancient astrological science is based on the knowledge of the law of karma, or action and reaction. Every action or thought has a result, a fruit that sooner or later we will have to reap in this life or in another future. The effects of actions can take time to manifest, not reaching a single life to experience everything. That is why we choose to reincarnate, as a way to continue learning, reaping pending karmas from the past.

We are not born “by chance” in a certain place, date and time, but it will be in the one that corresponds to our past karma, where we continue working what was pending from the previous life. Our birth heaven helps us discover our true essence, the true job that we choose at birth.

Yoga and Jyotish: the path to unity

The word yoga translated into our language means: to unite, to join. In this way, it primarily designates the union of the human being with the Universal, of the human soul with the Universal Soul. In Vedic astrology, our relationship with the natal stars and planets reflects this “union” between our deepest selves and the cosmos. Yoga and Jyotish were used for millennia, with the purpose that humanity is physically and mentally healthy, to promote the connection with the universal consciousness.

In this sense, they pursue the same objective: to better understand our nature and that of the environment that surrounds us to free ourselves from the veil of ignorance, understanding our personal karma with the aim of being able to transform it to reap the fruits of spiritual advancement in this life and in the coming ones. That is why Hamsa Yoga benefits are recognized as real by many Yoga practitioners who are more focused on spiritual experiences.

The Vedic conception emphasizes that through the actions (karma) that we generate in this life, we will have the possibility to correct our past and generate a new destiny. This is where we have the free will to choose in which direction we orient our life.







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The Astrology of Yoga

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