The Benefits Of A Dentist Open Saturday For Your Oral Health Emergency Needs

The Benefits Of A Dentist Open Saturday For Your Oral Health Emergency Needs

The Benefits Of A Dentist Open Saturday For Your Oral Health Emergency Needs : A person’s smile can make or break impressions, and a beautiful smile can be quite an attractive thing for most, if not all, people. Dentists can help make sure your teeth stay beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not all they do. They can cater to various dental and oral health needs, and especially emergencies.

Unfortunately, not all dentists open clinics everyday, which can spell trouble for those who have dentists who don’t open Saturdays. For those wondering, are there really benefits of a dentist open Saturday for your oral health emergency needs? Yes there really are perks to access dentists during the weekends.

It might be important to understand just how important it is to be able to avail dental and oral health services in the first place. Did you know that 60 to 90-percent of kids who attend school, and almost every adult, worldwide actually have cavities? Severe gum disease, also linked to tooth loss, is actually present in middle-aged adults aged 35 to 44, and 35-percent of those 65 to 74 years old actually have no more natural teeth.

The World Health Organization itself links oral health to quality of life and general health, as after all, disease and conditions linked to oral and dental health include tooth loss and tooth decay, periodontal disease, sores and infections, facial and mouth pain, and even cancers that can prevent one from speaking, smiling, chewing, and biting.

Dentists And Saturdays: Weekend Emergencies Do Happen

With the above taken into consideration, it’s important to understand that dental and oral care have been in fact fundamental aspects of considering just how “healthy” someone is. With the statistics above, however, not everyone gets the kind of dental and oral health care they need. Given that weekends are generally reserved for free days, having a dentist like Arlington, VA – Cherrydale Family Dental open on Saturday can be quite a beneficial thing for others. How, though?

  • More flexible time to schedule and plan for events, appointments:

    Having a dentist open on Saturdays at least allows you to have a more flexible schedule for events and other happenings in your life. You don’t have to squeeze in an appointment on a weekday that might be reserved for a date, a family gathering, or an important meeting. Likewise, a dental emergency won’t have to wait for a few days just to be settled, because you can go to the dentist for your needs right way.

  • Less risk losing valuable time and resources over important matters:

    When you have a dental emergency on a Saturday but you know no office open at the time, that means you have to manage on your own until your dental office opens on a weekday. This means risking an absence of being late for work or for school just to get an appointment done, and even then you don’t even know if your needs will be met in the first place. Having a dentist open Saturday can at least ensure a dentist is available on a weekend should you need the urgent dental care.

  • More open days mean spread out patients:

    When you have a dentist that is open on Saturdays, you’re likely going to have a much more comfortable time in the dental office. It might be less packed than usual, and your waiting time might be less due to the fact that patients are likely spread out in appointments across the week as well. If your dentist has, say, 6-hour working days, that’s still an extra 6 hours’ worth of appointments that can be spread out. If you have a habit of being a bit impatient or busy, a dentist with open Saturdays can give you more time to be accommodated with your emergency.

  • Less panic over getting emergencies on a weekend:

    Not everyone may have weekends off. If you get into an emergency then, the instinct is of course to go to the dentist to get your teeth checked – but having a non-open Saturday dentist can make the journey to find one extra hassling when you already have an emergency you need taken care of. Knowing you have a reliable dental office open on Saturdays can give you a form of relief knowing there’s an office open on Saturdays to meet your needs.


The Takeaway: Emergencies Happen, And Saturdays Are Important

Your teeth are a part of your body, but you can’t exactly control them. When emergencies happen on weekends, your teeth won’t just stay there and wait to hurt you on Monday. To know a dentist that’s available on weekends for emergencies can be quite a godsend, especially when sometimes toothache can become quite unbearable and sometimes even dangerous for patients. This might seem like a mediocre thing for some, but those with serious dental and oral health problems can greatly use open Saturday dentists for their needs.



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The Benefits Of A Dentist Open Saturday For Your Oral Health Emergency Needs

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