The Best Advice for Taking Control of Your Health Journey

The Best Advice for Taking Control of Your Health Journey
The Best Advice for Taking Control of Your Health Journey

The Best Advice for Taking Control of Your Health Journey : One of the biggest mistakes regarding taking care of mental and physical health is assuming that there is an end. The truth is, health is a journey. You may have health goals along the way that you achieve and make progress toward, but there’s no specific end to taking care of your health!

You will always find new ways to take care of yourself and support your wellbeing.

The health journey is different for everyone, so it can be difficult to compare your journey to someone else’s. Instead, it’s important to focus on your own health progress and needs. Taking control of your health journey may seem intimidating, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make the progress you need and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Get Enough Sleep

One of the fundamental practices to promote healthy living is sleep. Sleep is essential for a variety of physical functions. It allows the mind and body to recharge and reset, supports immune health, is essential for cognitive function and mental clarity, and is even essential for emotional health. Not getting enough sleep not only results in irritability, drowsiness, and lack of energy throughout the day, but it can also have serious long term effects on overall health.

Here are a few things to know about getting good sleep and laying the foundation for your health.

How much sleep do you need?

The general rule of thumb regarding sleep is that adults need anywhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. This amount can vary based on age and stage of life. For instance, newborns need much more sleep than adults as their bodies are growing and developing at a rapid pace, whereas, as you get older, you require less sleep.

Tips for getting better sleep:

If you struggle to get the amount of sleep you need, have trouble falling asleep initially, or find your sleep constantly interrupted, here are a few tips to help you get better sleep.

  • Establish a nighttime routine. Our bodies thrive on routine and schedule, so having a nighttime routine will help you wind down, get ready for bed, and go to bed at the same time each night!
  • Use a mindfulness app that will offer soothing, calming sounds to help lull you to sleep. Plus, this will prevent you from staring at your phone screen before bed.
  • Stay away from caffeine 10 hours before you plan to sleep. This is how long it takes the body to completely filter caffeine out of the system.

Get Enough Nutrients

Another foundational principle for health and wellbeing involves what you eat. Are you getting the nutrients your body needs to thrive? Here are a few ways you can take control of your physical wellbeing by making sure you get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need to stay healthy.

  • Eat a balanced diet. Our bodies need a range of nutrients to thrive, so if you’re eating the same foods over and over, you may miss out on some essential vitamins and minerals. Instead, aim to eat the rainbow. Pick fruits, vegetables, and proteins from red, orange, and yellow, to greens and blues and everything in between.
  • Consider doing a celery juice cleanse. Not only is this an excellent way to give your body the nutrients it needs, but it’s delicious, and helps rid your body of toxins! With 15 vitamins and minerals, celery and lemon come together to help you feel better and care for your body.
  • Did you know collagen is essential for joint health, skin health, and bone strength. However, it can be hard to find collagen in food and to get enough of it. That’s why finding a supplemental way to take collagen is a great way to take control of health.

Support a Healthy Mindset

When taking control of your health, you don’t just have to worry about physical health. Mental health is essential to overall wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve never taken a step toward mental health before, it may feel intimidating or overwhelming. But, you don’t have to tackle this alone.

Zoloft is a program that offers mental health medication and therapy based on your specific needs. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, or OCD, you can have access to professional help and the right medication for your needs. Plus, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home! Taking control of your mental health is a step away.

Make Time for Self-Care

An important part of physical and mental health is self-care. If you’re a full-time worker, you may not find a lot of time and space during the week to relax, take care of yourself, and enjoy things like pampering yourself and skincare. Plus, having a skincare routine has benefits in itself. Here are a few simple ways to practice self-care that don’t take up too much time or effort, and will help you promote your health.

Begin your journey in skincare by exploring these products that double as nourishment for skin and color correcting makeup. With products that address your specific skin concerns like dark spots, signs of aging, and uneven skin tone, while addressing the underlying skin issues as well.

If you have oily skin and want a product that can address this concern while also being gentle on your face, look for a specific type of skincare for oily skin. This type of skincare is rich in hydration that will help your body produce less oil and natural ingredients that are gentle on skin.

Help Your Body Heal

Supporting health also means being gentle on your body, helping it heal, and relieving pain. Here are two ways you can incorporate pain relief into your health journey.

Menstrual Pain Relief and Care

Menstruation is a vital function women experience each month. It’s a time where the body gets rid of tissues it no longer needs. It’s a beautiful experience that deserves special attention and care, free of harmful chemicals and hormonal changes.

Rael is a holistic environment providing care for periods, skin, the body, and the more intimate areas as well. They don’t use harsh chemicals or ingredients that can affect hormones, and they’re passionate about education and accessibility. From period products, pain relief patches, and more for taking care of vaginal health and its microbiome.

Arthritis Pain Relief

If you deal with pain in your hands and fingers related to arthritis or just general use, consider arthritis compression gloves. These use compression to relieve pain from arthritis and target swelling, discomfort, and more. Especially if you need your hands for work, this is a great way to promote comfort on your health journey.

Health Tailored to Your Needs

Everyone’s health needs are different. Depending on your emotional, mental, and physical health needs, your health journey will look different. These tips will help you tailor your health journey to your needs, so you can take control of your health journey today.





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The Best Advice for Taking Control of Your Health Journey

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