The Best Gear for Business Travelers

The Best Gear for Business Travelers : Business travel is pretty different from leisure travel. Business travelers have to be able to work on the road. This means they need to pack differently.

If you’re heading out on a trip for yourself, it doesn’t matter if you forget something. It can usually wait until you get back home. That’s not the case when you’re on a work trip.

Packing for business isn’t that hard. You just have to know what you need. Here are the essential items you should pack on your next business trip.

  1. Laptop

    In a digital world that’s plugged in 24/7, this sort of goes without saying.

    But many people still forget their laptops. Put it at the top of your list, and find a good place to pack it. You’re going to have to pull out your laptop when you go through security at the airport.

    Find a lightweight, easy laptop for travel. A tablet could be the right option. Many laptops allow you to switch between tablet and laptop mode.

    Get a good laptop case, too. Your laptop isn’t the only thing you’ll need.

    Your charger should be at the top of your list. It might not be possible to find a replacement at your destination. Make sure to bring an adapter, too.

    Other accessories like a mouse and stylus pen should also be on your list.

  2. Good Bag

    A good bag is every traveler’s essential item.

    For business trips, you need something that looks professional, too.

    The longer your trip, the bigger your bag should be. Some business trips might take weeks or even months.

    If you’re a traveling nurse or construction worker or a consultant, you might have a long-term gig somewhere. It’s important to find a bag that will also suit your housing situation on the road.

    To make things easier, consider a booking service like Hotel Engine.

    They specialize in business travel and can help you find the right option. Traveling for work is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding a nice place to stay, too.

    For short trips, a backpack is probably a better option.

    A backpack might not look the most professional, but it is the most versatile option. Your clients and colleagues will be understanding.

    Separate things in your bag with packing cubes or smaller bags. It’s important to stay organized on work trips.

  3. Clothes

    Packing a professional wardrobe isn’t easy.

    Clothes get wrinkled, and you might be short on time.

    If you’re heading to a meeting shortly after you arrive, wearing your business attire is the best way to go. Otherwise, stay comfortable for the flight.

    Most hotels have irons that you can use. Some might even offer ironing and dry cleaning services. Once you arrive, take out your nice shirts as soon as you get to the hotel so they don’t wrinkle more.

    Find clothes that can be used for multiple occasions.

    Don’t be afraid to recycle outfits. People know that you’re traveling. They won’t be as strict about the dress code as at home.

    A scarf is a great way to spice up your outfit and change it every day. Scarves are also lightweight and don’t take up much space.

    Mix and match your tops and bottoms so that it looks like you brought more.

  4. Book

    There’s nothing quite like a classic book.

    E-readers and Kindles can be great for travel. They let you pack lightly.

    But they aren’t good conversation starters. You also can’t use them if you forget your charger or the battery runs out.

    Having a real book will impress your clients and coworkers. Combine it with work by reading one of these business books from Business Insider.

    If you finish the book on your trip, you can give it to someone as a nice parting gift. Or you could see about selling it to a used bookstore.

    A good novel or mystery isn’t a bad idea, either.

  5. Chargers

    Chargers are not cheap.

    Make a list of every charger that you need. Pack it with the item and then double-check your list before you go.

    In addition to chargers, pack necessary electronics like headphones.

    Noise-canceling headphones are good for the road. Airports and train stations are very loud places. It can be hard to block out the white noise.

    For international travel, an adapter is probably necessary. Check the sockets of your destination before you leave.

    Buying electronics at the airport isn’t cheap.


Business travel doesn’t have to be stressful. As long as you pack well, there’s no reason why your trip can’t be perfect.




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The Best Gear for Business Travelers

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