The Best Way to Make THC Vape Juice

When you search online, you will discover that people use different ways to make THC vape juice. However, some of those methods used are wrong and you may end up with a bitter-tasting e-juice.

As you know, THC vape juice offers many benefits. One of the main ones is to get you high. For you to reach its full benefits, one thing is for sure. You need to have the right ingredients. Secondly, you need to learn to make the e-juice properly.

In this article, you will learn some tricks and the best way to prepare THC that will get you the best results.

The best THC e-juice

You can buy pre-filled THC vape juice. These cartridges are suitable for people that do not have time to prepare THC at home. Additionally, if you live in a place where THC is illegal, buying them can be easier than having to make it by yourself.

The other option is making it at home. Regular vapers turn to this option because you can enjoy the vape juice better. It is more like preparing your food at home. You can add spices to your liking, which is an advantage you can never get when you eat in a restaurant.

If you want to know the best vape oil, it should:

  • Taste good
  • Have the right thickness
  • Get you high with a few puffs

You should aim to get the above benefits when you prepare the e-liquid.

The best THC e-juice
The best THC e-juice

Get the fundamental ingredients first

What you need to prepare the THC vape juice are simple, inexpensive tools. They include:

  • Terpenes
  • THC concentrate
  • Cartridges
  • Battery
  • Transparent glass
  • Spoons
  • Source of heat (either boiling water on a stove or a microwave)

Preparing the e-juice

  1. Put the concentrate into the transparent glass

    You need to acquire the most potent THC extract possible. Both wax and distillates function the same. That means you can use shatter, BHO, sugar, rosin, crystalline, and any other wax. Ensure that it has a THC potency of about 50-90 per cent depending on the amount of high you want in a single vape puff.

    Besides that, if you are using wax, ensure that it stays within the parchment paper to avoid contact with sunlight, moisture and oxygen. Therefore, you should open it only when preparing it.

  1. Using the syringe, add the terpene to the glass in appropriate amounts

    Terpenes act as diluents and thickeners. Nevertheless; it should never dilute the THC concentrate in any way. If it does, then, you bought the wrong solution.

    Other than that, it does provide taste and flavour to the vape juice. Note, THC concentrates do not have any taste. If you vape it that way, you may produce vape that leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. It may also choke you if it is dry.

    A recommended terpene like terpusa does not contain any poisonous compounds. Besides that, you can find it in numerous flavours depending on what you prefer. Ensure that you add the terpene in right amounts. Manufacturers provide a mixing calculator to help you know the best proportion for your concentrate.

  1. Stir the mix and heat it

    Heat should enable both the terpene and the concentrate to mix correctly. If you heat the combination for more than ten seconds, the chances are that your wax will lose its potency.

  1. Let it cool before you can store it in the cartridges

    Allow it to cool first before you put it into the cartridge. Then, use a dropper to pour the vape oil into the cartridge. You can buy as many cartridges as you can as long as you store them appropriately. Many of them could give you the freedom of providing each filling with a different flavour.

    Both the battery and the cartridge should match. If it is possible, buy both the battery and the cartridge from the same manufacturer. Besides that, charge the battery before using it.

    If there are any leftovers, you could use dark-coloured bottles to store them. The containers should be robust enough to stop anything that could spoil the e-liquid.


You can make THC vape juice using the above steps. It may take time to master this trick. On the other hand, it should not take you a lot of time to prepare the THC vape juice by yourself. Ensure that you add the terpene solution in the right amounts. The solution you use should bring balance to the final blend.






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