The Dangers Of Sugar Dating

The Dangers Of Sugar Dating : What is actually sugar dating and how does it relate to sugaring? Is sugaring some sort of prostitution? Well, these questions are more and more often on people’s mouth. They are becoming more prevalent as websites attempting to promote sugar dating. Let’s have a look at the dangers of sugar dating.

What is sugar dating?

Sugar dating involves wealthy men who tend to be quite old in most cases. They are using cash and lavish gifts as a means to facilitate their demand for sex. They date young girls who have all their needs met in exchange for sex and company. A quite problematic aspect of this industry is that in some cases, the girls are being manipulated and sexually exploited. Companies that are promoting ‘’sugaring’’ are telling that this is only another type of dating site. They say that a site like this is meant to be fun and safe at the same time, which is definitely not true. In fact, the reality that is coming to light is an ugly one filled with sexual assault, financial arrangements, and harassment.

It is similar to what is happening in the escort industry. For example, Liverpool escorts have mentioned several times that they have to deal with unrespectful clients who treat them really badly. From the outside, people think that they earn lots of money and that they date only the clients they want, which is not true at all. In fact, many of them are forced by agencies to date all sorts of clients. So, this has become a real and extremely serious problem in the past few years, all over the world. Unfortunately, it is the same when it comes to sugar dating as well.

Is sugar dating safe?

As we said earlier in this article, sugar dating is not safe at all. The truth is that any relationship predicted on the exchange of money for sexual intercourse creates a super dangerous power imbalance. Plus, this cannot be considered a relationship at all. Sugaring, similar to prostitution, preys on a quite vulnerable population. Sugar dating is not safe at all and girls who are doing this know exactly what we are talking about. They know exactly what they are going through. It is vital that anyone who plans to go into this business, is well informed about the dangers.

Plus, it is essential to know exactly who you are dating. Even though you have problems with your money, don’t just date the first men you find. Look for others, until you actually find someone nice, someone who will not treat you with disrespect. Sugar baby-sugar daddy arrangements cannot be seen as simply another form of dating. Yet, since the prostitution is the oldest job in the world, we cannot expect for this type of services to disappear overnight. If you have a look on the internet, you will find plenty of escort websites such as uEscort, as well as a high number of sugar dating platforms which are quite similar to the escort platforms.





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The Dangers Of Sugar Dating

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