The Do’s And Don’ts Of Working Out While Pregnant

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Working Out While Pregnant
The Do’s And Don’ts Of Working Out While Pregnant

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Working Out While Pregnant : With so much advice coming from family and friends as well as resources from experts, it can be hard to know what activities are safe to do when you’re pregnant. Being extra careful is your utmost priority now that you’re carrying and developing a new life inside you.

However, despite this scenario, it doesn’t mean you can’t perform some workouts and physical activities.

There are many benefits to exercising regularly, and the same is true even for expectant mothers. Working out allows you to be healthier, get better sleep, and fight off stress. It’s imperative to know what you can or can’t do during your pregnancy workout sessions. Take note of the following guidelines to make the most of your exercises and keep yourself and your baby safe at the same time:

  1. Do Consult With Your Doctor

    Though exercise is good for pregnant women, it’s crucial to consult a doctor first to ask which physical activities will be suitable for you and your child. After all, every pregnancy is unique, so have a thorough medical checkup prior to starting your workout routine. There’ll be numerous changes to your body while pregnant, so you might not be allowed to do the exact same exercises as before.

    Your doctor can assess whether there could be situations that might put you at risk for complications in the future. Since your obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) knows all the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, they can monitor your baby’s development and your condition when you begin working out.

  2. Do Light Weight Training

    It’s generally recommended to lift weights in moderation during the first trimester of pregnancy. The use of free weights and weight machines can aid in weight management and strength improvement. Furthermore, a strong core can help you remain stable as your baby grows in your womb.

    However, when lifting weights, you must know how to handle the weights properly so you won’t end up hurting yourself or your child. Your doctor can recommend the appropriate amount of weight you can lift.

  3. Do Some Cardio Exercises

    You can continue incorporating cardio into your workouts if you’re in good health and not experiencing complications. But once again, you need to consult with your physician regarding the specific cardio workouts that are safe for you and for how long you can do them. Here are some safe cardio workouts during pregnancy:

    some safe cardio workouts during pregnancy
    some safe cardio workouts during pregnancy
    • Swimming
      This is known to be one of the most effective cardio workouts as it enables you to stretch and use every muscle of your body. It’s low impact and allows you to support your weight even when your tummy gets bigger. You don’t have to worry about your hair as there are ways to protect it from chlorine after swimming.
    • Walking Or Running
      Before starting this cardio workout, check with your doctor to see if your body, especially your heart, is ready for a bit of intense cardio exercise. Walking could be best for you if you’ve never run before pregnancy.
    • Dancing
      After getting the approval of your doctor, you can enroll in a dance class to have a more fun sweat session. This enables your body to move but with limitations and care. Some simple yet effective dances will let you burn calories without endangering your and your baby’s health.
  4. Do Not Do Back Exercises

    It’s best to avoid any exercise requiring you to lie on your back so you won’t stress your spine. You put a lot of pressure on your body when you lie flat on the ground. And when you’re pregnant, your bump can press on certain blood vessels, reducing your cardiac output and making you feel dizzy. It may also affect your baby’s supply of nutrients and oxygen.

    Don’t feel sad, though, because there are many pregnancy-safe exercises out there that won’t require you to lay down on the floor.

  5. Do Not Overdo It

    Even if you’re a regular at the gym, knowing your limits is essential, especially when you’re pregnant. Ask your doctor about the perfect length of exercise time allowed for you. If you push your body too hard, you could suffer an injury or illness.

    Despite performing low-impact and safe exercises, doing more sets and working out for extended periods will make you feel tired quickly or run out of breath. So it’s imperative to set a limit to your routine.

  6. Do Not Engage In High-Contact Sports

    Of course, contact sports and sports in which you’re likely to fall or get injured should be avoided at all costs. You can’t do high-contact sports no matter how much you used to play or love them.

    You may also need to put a pause on outdoorsy and adventurous sports like rock climbing and horse riding. Remember that being pregnant means protecting your bump at all times, so as much as possible, steer clear of activities that would put you and your baby at risk.


Overall, doing exercises while pregnant is a good thing. However, you should take the necessary precautions to make sure that everything goes well no matter what trimester you’re in. Hopefully, the guidelines stated in this article have shed some light on what to do and not to do during your pregnancy journey. Ultimately, it’s essential to consult your physician before starting any exercise routine in order to be safe and healthy.






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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Working Out While Pregnant

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