The Many Benefits of Mohs Surgery

The Many Benefits of Mohs Surgery : After getting diagnosed with skin cancer, many people feel as if their lives have been turned upside down. While that medical condition can be quite serious, it is important to remember that cancer treatments are more effective than ever.

Countless patients have undergone Mohs surgery over the last few years, and it is an excellent option for those who want to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. Here is a quick glimpse at just a few of the benefits of Mohs surgery and some signs that it might be time to schedule a consultation with an experienced dermatologist in Pasadena, CA.

Early Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

When skin cancer is caught early on, patients are going to have quite a few treatment options. That is one of the reasons why it is so important for everyone to keep an eye out for any of the early warning signs of this medical condition. For many people, the first warning sign is unusual blemishes on the surface of the skin. That includes discolored patches of skin, raised bumps, and open wounds that won’t seem to heal on their own. Some patients also notice that they have lifted brown spots with uneven surfaces.

While those symptoms are generally found on the face, they can also develop on the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Cancerous cells are usually found on patches of skin that are constantly exposed to UV rays. If you have noticed any of those early warning signs or have a family history of skin cancer, then you should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist in Pasadena so that a sample of your skin can be tested.

Ideal Candidate for Mohs Surgery

Once you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, it is vital that you contact a local dermatology center to explore your treatment options. Even though Mohs surgery is incredibly effective when carried out by surgeons like Dr. Hung, your treatment options are going to be limited if the cancerous cells begin to spread. At your initial consultation, the doctor is going to carefully inspect your skin and take a look at your medical history. As long as the cancerous cells are localized, then you might make a great candidate for Mohs surgery.

Why Mohs Surgery?

There are quite a few reasons why many skin cancer patients prefer Mohs surgery over all of the other treatments. In addition to being highly effective, this procedure can also preserve quite a bit of the healthy tissue. For many years, skin cancer surgery was highly invasive, and patients were often left with pronounced scars. Mohs surgery allows medical professionals to fully remove the cancerous cells while minimizing the scar tissue that is left behind.

Getting diagnosed with cancer is always going to take a toll on a patient’s psyche, but there are now a wide variety of cutting-edge treatments to choose from. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with skin cancer, then you should immediately contact a dermatology center to explore all of your treatment options.







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The Many Benefits of Mohs Surgery

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