The Most Common Cancers in the USA

The Most Common Cancers in the USA : All cancers are terrible and frightening diagnosis to receive. Fortunately, there are numerous scientists and companies like trying to come up with a more effective and less aggressive treatments. Some varieties of cancer have a fairly straightforward and simple solution, whereas others aren’t so easily dispatched.

However, there are some types of cancer that are extremely prevalent, which is why it is important to be aware of them, as well as their most common symptoms.

The Most Common Cancers in the USA

Melanoma or Skin Cancer

This is one of the most prevalent cancer in the USA, with over 80,000 newly found cases in the USA. The problem with diagnosing melanoma is that it can start as innocently as a slight change in the size or color of a mole or other growths on your skin.

Despite the inauspicious beginnings, melanomas are very dangerous and can develop quite rapidly. Protecting against melanoma starts with wearing plenty of sunscreen, because the main cause of skin cancer is DNA change caused by the harmful UV rays from the Sun or tanning beds. However, melanoma does have a genetic component as well, so it is good to get acquainted with your family’s medical history.


Types of Cancer
Types of Cancer


Breast Cancer

The most common type of cancer for women is breast cancer, which is why it is also one of the best-researched types of cancer as well. Not only is it the most diagnosed cancer for women, it is also the second most deadly cancer for women as well. Men can get breast cancer as well, but the risk is fairly low, so it is often disregarded as an option.

Even though it is very common and highly deadly, breast cancer is easier to detect than most other cancers. Experts warn that the most common symptom is a lump in the breast tissue, but any other change like swelling, redness, or irritation may be an indication and should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible.


Prostate Cancer

This type of cancer only affects men, for obvious reason, however, it is so prevalent and common, that it is the second most common cancer type for men. It is also significantly more prevalent in people with African descent for some reason, but researchers are unclear as for the reason to this discrepancy.

Just like breast cancer for women, it is not only common, it is also very lethal as well. It may be less deadly if it was diagnosed in earlier stages. However, seeing how there are no symptoms, only men who have regular check-ups can hope to diagnose it in the early stages. Once it progresses, it manifests through symptoms like weak or interrupted but frequent urination, as well as pain and blood during urination.


Lung Cancer

Lung cancer affects both men and women and it is the leading cause of death in both men and women when it comes to cancer. However scary that might sound, this cancer is overwhelmingly caused by smoking, which means that is can be easily avoided if you change your lifestyle somewhat. As much as 80% of all diagnosed cases of lung cancer in the USA have been smoking-related.

Lung cancer typically presents no symptoms until it is in an advanced stages. That’s when the sufferer can experience shortness of breath and voice changes, but the most common symptom is probably coughing and chest pain.


Knowing all these facts may be a bit disturbing, but it could also potentially help people as well. Cancer awareness and willingness to have regular checkups are the best way to fight cancer on an individual level.



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The Most Common Cancers in the USA

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