The Pros Of Travel Nursing In New York

The Pros Of Travel Nursing In New York : Travel nursing can be an ideal job for nurses who want to expand their careers and travel the world at the same time. Travel nurses can have the opportunity to visit the places they love the most without compromising their work since they can bring their job with them. Perfect isn’t it? One of the places everyone wants to visit is the big apple.

Check on the best travel nursing jobs in New York and the pros of travel nursing in New York to be able to work and explore the big apple.

Advantages of Travel Nursing in New York

Higher Compensation

How much does a traveling nurse make a year? Travel nurses get paid higher compared with regular nurses. That’s why most nurses are more motivated to work as travel nurses. Basic pay for travel nurses is also affected by several factors such as:


Nurses who have specialization can earn more especially if their skill is in demand. Medical facilities offer higher rates for nurses with specialization since they are needed to attend to patients who need special attention.


Most medical facilities require two years of experience before you can be qualified as a travel nurse. The more experience the better opportunities for you as a travel nurse. Years of experience can also mean higher rates as a travel nurse.

Tax-free Money

When you work as a travel nurse in New York your lodging and meals can be free from tax as long as you pay “tax home”. You can save more money by not being required to pay taxes for all your expenses. Just make sure to maintain your “tax home” to avoid getting penalized and losing more money as well as enjoy tax-free stipends.

Free Accommodation

Travel nurse agencies usually provides free accommodation for their travel nurses every time they are given assignments. Having a place you can call your own while away from home can be a good way to avoid getting homesick and not have a hard time adjusting to a new environment. Getting free housing can also mean less expense for you and more savings.

Broaden Your Work Experience

Nor only will you explore New York if you work as a travel nurse here. You can also broaden your career as a nurse. Getting assigned to different places in New York alone can help you build your portfolio as you experience dealing with different co-workers and different environments as well. You will learn to understand how each area works differently in different medical facilities and enhance your flexibility as a travel nurse.

Explore New York

Who is not into exploring New York? In your free time, you will get the chance to go around New York and discover its beauty and try new stuff. Imagine not spending too much but being able to reach New York. That is one of the greatest advantages in travel nursing jobs being able to travel without spending too much since most expenses are handled by travel nurse agencies.

Chance to Find your Passion

As nurses, we are sometimes on what we love most about our job. As they say, love your job and it will love you back. Travel nursing job is a good opportunity to seek what you really love to do as a regular job in the future. Travel nurses will be able to determine which department they will be good at and this will be their permanent job in the future. Apart from that some travel nurses even use this opportunity to find a place where they can reside when they retire. For instance, New York can be a fun place to stay if you are a city lover.

Faster Job Landing

Travel nurses working under a travel nurse agency can get assignments faster and onboard immediately. Plus if you choose a good travel nurse agency you can get continuous assignments that can make you maximize your time while working with them.


Now that you have an idea of the pros of travel nursing in New York then your next move will be to find out What type of nurse makes the most money? And How to start as a traveling nurse? Contact the nearest travel nurse agency in your place and get your fort assignment in New York.






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The Pros Of Travel Nursing In New York

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