The Social Activity That Could Make You More Datable

If you’re in the market for a S.O., you might update your Tinder profile or make an effort to go out more often, but new research suggests you might want to take a different approach:¬†voluntarily helping out friends, family, or neighbors.

For the German study, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers combed through data from a national survey and assessed more than 12,000 single people’s “pro-social” or altruistic behaviors, such as helping out others, and whether those individuals were in a relationship by the following year. Crazy enough, they discovered that the singles who lent a hand once a week were 46 percent more likely to be in a relationship 365 days later.

So what does being super helpful to others have to do with your love life? Researchers write in the study that putting others’ needs before your own is an indicator that you have “good character or even good parenting qualities,” both of which are appealing to the opposite gender.

Keep in mind, though, that this only indicates a correlation between being a dependable friend, relative, and neighbor and scoring a relationship. But if helping your girlfriend move could potentially boost your chances of finding a special someone sooner, it might not hurt to pick up a box or two.



The Social Activity That Could Make You More Datable