The Top 7 Wellness Misconceptions

The Top 7 Wellness Misconceptions : Wellness is something that pretty much everyone will agree is a good thing. What people do not agree on is how it can be obtained, or even what it looks like.

Read on to discover the top seven wellness misconceptions.

  1. A Healthy Look is a Fit Look

    Wellness can mean many things to many people for many reasons. Unfortunately, this can lead to a problem with your own physical image. Pop culture highlights men and women with perfect physiques. This means skinny, cut, buff, strong jaw line, symmetric-faced people who are clearly no stranger to a gym routine and healthy diet.

    There is not inherently a problem with praising people who have worked hard to look a certain way, but it does not mean everyone has to look that way to be healthy. Looking healthy can be seen from lifestyle choices rather than physical appearance. Sometimes the two come hand in hand, but this is not always the case.

  2. Fad Workouts Work for Everyone

    For many years people have continued to get caught up in fad workouts. Workouts that promise results like never before, no matter what body type you are. This is just not how physical wellness works. Everyone is unique and has different needs. Their health goals cannot be achieved by exclusively trying certain workout routines. It requires an educated balance of diet and regular exercise.

  3. A Hiatus From Social Media Will Fix Mental Health

    For many people, spending lots of time on social media can impose negative thoughts and ultimately harm their emotional and mental wellness. This is understandable as social media is a platform for people to show the perfect side of their life, leaving the viewer feeling inadequate and dissatisfied with their life.

    However, for these individuals, getting rid of social media isn’t the best answer. While it may help, there is more that you should be doing to improve your mental situation. It should all start with seeing a professional. This can help clear things up and send you on the best path toward your life goals.

  4. Taking Shortcuts Will Pay Off

    As a general rule of thumb for life, it is best to assume that no shortcuts will pay off. You can’t eat magic food and be skinny. You probably won’t get the perfect job without working hard for it. And you can’t have long-lasting, valuable relationships without putting in years of effort. However, don’t take this as discouragement. Have confidence and know that you can set out and achieve the goals you want by working for them.

  5. Wellness is Just Physical and Mental

    One major misconception people have about wellness is that it only pertains to physical and mental health. Don’t get me wrong. You won’t experience true wellness without working towards a healthier body and mind, but that isn’t the whole puzzle. More aspects of your life affect how you feel when you wake up every day. One simple way they can be categorized is through the wellness wheel.

    Wellness Wheel

    The wellness wheel categorizes many different aspects of one’s life that all pertain to their personal needs at any given point in time. There are many categories that someone may identify with. So, here is an example of what that looks like.

    In a seven-part wellness wheel, the categories are emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social, and financial wellness. Every one of these categories affects your daily life and should be focused on in detail. While it may not be the easiest thing you have ever done. If you can work on these seven categories of your life and feel good about them, you will be on your way to experiencing true wellness.

  6. Fad Diets Will Make You Healthier

    Another myth that people love to gravitate towards is fad diets. We all would love to believe that having bananas after every meal will keep us happy and healthy, but the body just isn’t that simple. You should probably eat more bananas, but they are not the solution to physical wellness. Your diet is only a small piece of the puzzle, and one juice cleanse won’t solve it.

    The best route for physical wellness is to hire a nutritionist and a personal trainer. However, this is not financially possible for everyone. So, do your research by reading reviews about supplements like Nucific as it will help you to choose your products wisely and complement your healthy, balanced diet plus the exercise that goes along with it.

  7. Wellness is Easy

    Perhaps the biggest myth of them all and the resounding trait of all the myths is that wellness can be easily obtained. In actuality, it takes quite a bit of discipline to get yourself to a place of wellness in any of the seven categories. But that is okay! The journey is the fun part.


The truth is that it takes hard work, dedication, and focus to achieve wellness in all seven categories of the wellness wheel. So, don’t let culture fool you. Just keep on working hard for that goal. You will be all the more proud when you finally get there. Then you’ll make new goals!



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The Top 7 Wellness Misconceptions

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