The Ultimate Health Benefits of Pueraria mirifica

The Ultimate Health Benefits of Pueraria mirifica : Pueraria mirifica is a famous medicinal plant which is generally grown in Thailand; its roots are centuries old. The plant is popular especially its roots since they contain anti aging properties. Scientific research has proven that Pueraria mirifica has numerous health benefits.

Some of the key benefits of Pueraria mirifica include increased memory and focus and better functioning of brain, greater bone density and better cardio vascular functions. The plant Pueraria mirifica has antioxidant properties and therefore it acts as anticancer. In this article we will study some of the key benefits of Pueraria mirifica.

The plant is also known as Kwao Krua and it became famous worldwide due to its remarkable anti aging properties. The plant is woody in nature and climbs during its growth. The roots of this plant are large and tubule like in structure and some crucial starch grains are present on these tubules with white color from inside. If you have menopausal problems using pueraria mirifica may give you positive results.

Components of Pueraria mirifica:

The roots which are larger and tubular like contain phytoestrogens which are important compounds present in the plant acting in a way similar to female sex hormone called estrogen. Till the date, scientists have identified more than 17 phytoestrogens which are divided into three main categories. These include isoflavonoids, coumestrans, and chromenes.

In Pueraria mirifica the most powerful and commonly found phytoestrogen is called Miroestrol. The content of phytoestrogen generally is dependent on the plant’s age. As the plants age, they contain more and consistent phytoestrogens.

According to an investigation it is proven that plants with at least 3 years of age can be used to make phytoestrogen supplements. summer harvested plants as well contain higher proportion of phytoestrogen as compared to the plants which are grown in rainy and winter season.

Action mechanism:

In Pueraria mirifica the content of phytoestrogen acts in a way similar to female sex hormone known as estrogen and produces the same effects like estrogen. This makes it particularly important for females especially those who are suffering from menopausal problems.


Ultimate health benefits of Pueraria mirifica:

As discussed above the plant is cultivated in Thailand and is known worldwide for its remarkable medicinal properties. Here are some amazing health benefits of Pueraria mirifica!

  • Pueraria mirifica relieves menopausal symptoms:

    For the females who are suffering from menopausal and premenopausal symptoms the use of Pueraria mirifica has been proven helpful. According to investigation, the intake of 200mg of supplement for three to four months resulted in significant decrease in menopausal symptoms.

    As female reach their menopausal age they encounter various unpleasant symptoms such as mood swings, dryness of skin, hot flashes, depression and frustration, higher cholesterol level in blood, missed periods and irregular periods. In order to combat all the above mentioned symptoms the intake of 200mg supplement of Pueraria mirifica has been proven helpful.

  • Pueraria mirifica protects Bones:

    Females suffer from softening of bones as they reach their age of menopause. The process is also common in men. According to a study, the supplements of Pueraria mirifica help to improve the structure of bones and increase bone density. The phytoestrogens in Pueraria mirifica also help to prevent the loss of calcium from bones. When taken with meals it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and enhances the formation and repair of bones naturally in the body.

  • Cardio-vascular benefits of Pueraria mirifica:

    At the age of menopause in females and with aging in men, the ability to process fats decreases considerably. As this happens, excessive fats begin to deposit inside the main blood vessels such as arteries and veins and in this way the risk of heart diseases increases. It has been proven that people who ingested Pueraria mirifica demonstrated much better and improved cardiac functioning. This makes the plant famous across the globe since it is a natural way to fight against heart diseases.

  • Antioxidant properties of Pueraria mirifica:

    In contrast to other natural substance, a strong antioxidant is present inside Pueraria mirifica. The antioxidants which are present inside Pueraria mirifica can also increase the antioxidant performance of other compounds in the body. In hormone replacement therapy, the use of Pueraria mirifica is extremely beneficial since it increases the performance and activity of antioxidants.

  • Pueraria mirifica is a potential anti-cancer:

    When experiments were performed on mice, it was seen that the mice given supplements of Pueraria mirifica exhibited lesser tumor development. Another investigation also proved that the supplements of Pueraria mirifica prevented various forms of cancer especially breast cancer. The supplements not only killed the cancerous cells but also stopped their malignancy. As far as tumor cells are concerned the phytoestrogens are toxic and this nature is helpful in fighting against cancer.

  • Improved brain functioning with Pueraria mirifica:

    Scientific studies have proven that the supplements of Pueraria mirifica increase the mental growth. They increase the flow of blood to brain and hence play an important role in memory and focus. The thinking and decision making is also strengthened.


Potential side effects of Pueraria mirifica:

Though the plant Pueraria mirifica has some remarkable medicinal properties but a great deal of care is needed before taking any supplement since there are some side effects reported on their use. Some of the side effects reported include:

  • It can cause various abnormalities in blood cells and composition. When mice were given the supplement in powder form, it had a toxic effect. Hence, it is important to consult health care provider before taking such supplements.
  • The supplements of Pueraria mirifica are considered to decrease the fertility and are associated with many reproductive disorders.
  • The efficiency of mating decreases on taking such supplements. In males, the supplement can result in lower sperm count and less energy for intercourse.


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The Ultimate Health Benefits of Pueraria mirifica

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