There should not be any fear of success.

Many times, we meet such people who tell they’re afraid of success. Amazing! We all try our best to get success in our efforts. But some of us feel fear also as to what we will do once we are successful in our venture. We think that if we succeed, our lives may change dramatically and perhaps we may not be able to handle it. Yes, it happens with many of us.

It’s true even for you too. When you succeed, your life will change, your friends may change, your financial life may change… most likely for the better. But instead of embracing this change, many fear that they may loose something, what they have today.

Six months back, my friend changed his four-wheeler, you can say, he upgraded and bought a car which is much costlier than the previous one. He purchased it and his purchase surprised majority of his friends, neighbors and relatives as well. They had never imagined that he could ever manage to have such a costly vehicle amongst other possessions.

Afterwards, their expectations went up drastically and somewhere he lost their sympathy too in many cases. Demanding higher contributions to the social causes, they started to say, “Sir, this you can manage very easily.” They did not know that the car which he has now, was got financed on monthly installments. He had purchased it as a mark of his success in one of his ventures. After this purchase, he did not endeavor to enjoy his successes afterwards. Rather, he feared about the consequences of his success.

You may be among the millions of people who live with fear, anxiety and panic everyday. You start thinking about succeeding, you feel the fear coming on, then you realize that things have to change, but you don’t know how you’ll be able to handle that change.

Then you start to feel the anxiety, you wonder what if you fail, what will people think of you if things don’t work out… then the panic begins to take over and you’re not sure what to do so you don’t do anything.

Instead of embracing success and the changes that will come from that success you fear it, and things remain the same… nothing changes even though you want things to get better.

This goes on for years and years… you want the change, you desperately want things to get better, but they don’t. Instead they get worse… and the fear, the anxiety and panic begin to magnify… You want a better life but you can’t seem to get the negative thoughts and
feelings out of your system… you just can’t eliminate the Fear, Anxiety and Panic.

Your mind and subconscious mind are trained to respond in a certain way when you think about success and all the changes that come with it… and that’s why you keep giving in to the fear, anxiety and panic… it’s a trained response… You may think that there’s no hope… that there’s no way you can ever succeed or change.

But you can. Yes you can change the way your mind and subconscious mind work… and you can eliminate the fear, anxiety and panic that stop you dead in your tracks. All you have to do is change the mind’s patterns and beliefs and your response will change, you’ll begin to eliminate the Fear, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Power Affirmations for Eliminating Fear And Anxiety helps you kick fear, anxiety and panic attacks out of your life once and for all. Living with fear, anxiety and panic attacks everyday is just not a way to live. There’s no homework nothing to study No exercises. You can wash away the fear, anxiety and panic attacks by building up your own confidence that you are going to win due to your own efforts which you had planned to effectuate a definite change in your life. Since you have already decided to make the change, why do you fear of the consequences? If you improve your life standards, your achievements, it is you who did it – none of your neighbors, relatives, friends who are now jealous had contributed anything, nor are they going to contribute anything. Why do you fear? Forget and go forward.

Be Happy – There should not be any fear of success.