Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You

Surprisingly enough, but not only employees keep back a lot of things from their bosses, the bosses have also some things that you will never hear from them. As our career depends on the employer to some extent, I find it important for you to know what he has on his mind. But no more talking, lets get to the point and find out what are the things that your boss will never tell you.
<h3>1. “I want to pay you more”</h3>
You can hardly believe it but it is true. Your employer is aware of the fact that you would like to get a pay rise and he actually would not mind it. But because of numerous factors it is impossible for now. Running business is not easy as it might seem and your boss has to make great efforts to make it prosper. He can't let it run unprofitable. As the business develops and grows, you should also make your contribution and do your job very well and take the initiative more often. I'm sure your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded properly.
<h3>2. Your boss tracks down your online activities</h3>
You might not believe this but your boss knows how many e-mails you send and how much time you spend talking over the work phone. Most big companies are supplied with special programs to follow the web traffic and phone calls of the employees. That's why in order not to get into an embarrassing situation my advice is as follows. Don't use your work computer for personal needs: to send e-mails not connected with your work or to discuss your latest purchases with your best friend. You are to avoid this, firstly, because it is with no professionalism and, secondly, you should not make your personal life public.
<h3>3. “I know you lie that you are sick”</h3>
“I feel sick, I can't work today” is probably the most common excuse not to go to work. Whether you are a good or bad liar your boss always knows the truth. Why does he pretend to believe? It is simple, he understands you and allows to have some rest. He won
t let it go too far and won’t be patient your constant lies. They are not monsters, you know, and sometimes show some understanding when being talked to sincerely.

4. “ Some things I can never tell you”

In order to create a favorable atmosphere in the team the main task of every employer is to ensure trustful and honest relations. He will smile to you sincerely and look right into your eyes making you believe that you can rely on him. But behind this smile they hide so many things they can never tell you about in order not to make you nervous. Unfortunately such are the peculiarities of a position of being in charge.

5. “Your kid is only your problem, not mine”

This may be rather a very rude phrase to say and most probably you will never hear it from your employer, but such an idea might flesh in his mind. If to be impartial it is really so. Your home problems are nobody’s business, especially not your boss’ one. So try not to complain too much about your everyday domestic problems and about worries connected with your children. Your boss just can’t be too loyal to you.

6. “I might not know everything…”

It is impossible for a person to know everything and your boss is also a human-being, isn’t he? He is aware of the fact that he may be ignorant about some things which are familiar to his friends-bosses or even to his employees. Unless he is a narcissistic jerk he will never interfere with your new creative projects and ideas but will only support them. It is in his interest to do so, anyway.

7. They want you to like them

As all ordinary people employers also have a natural desire to be liked by the people around them, especially by his workers. But they are to be good bosses in the first place, demanding, strict and motivating, and only then he might care about the impression he makes on you. Deep inside bosses long to be liked and admired but due to their position they are to conceal it and keep the distance with their employees. Now, being aware of this fact I think you’ll look at your boss with new eyes.

These are some of the main things a boss might be secretly thinking of. Do you think your employer has some of them on his mind? Now you can see through him. What else can he never tell you?



Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You