Things You Might Not Know About Your Medicare Coverage

Things You Might Not Know About Your Medicare Coverage : Medicare entails a lot of things that you cannot learn at once. Sometimes you might find yourself stuck with it, especially as a beginner. Before starting Medicare, the first thing most people do is read a beginner’s guide. But this will only teach you the basics, like how to apply for medicare.

However, there are many other little-known facts that you’ll need to learn from other sources. This article is an excellent example of a resource that will teach you more about Medicare. It will explore some things you might not know about your Medicare coverage.

Let’s delve into it.

  1. Medicare Has Premiums

    Some people do not know that Medicare has monthly premiums. The premiums one pays depend on two primary factors. Income is one of them; the more money you make, the higher your premiums. For instance, you’ll pay $135.50 per month if you earn less than $85,000 yearly.

    Another factor to consider is the plan you choose. There are various plans to select from, so you must understand which one best fits your needs. You can research the best medicare plans in your state. If you need medicare in Texas, you can research the various plans available there.

  2. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything

    You might be thinking that medicare covers everything. The traditional medicare plans do not cover everything, especially age-related illnesses. If you are getting older and more exposed to some illnesses, it’ll be better to shift to one of the best medicare advantage plans.

    There are various medicare advantage plans in Texas. These plans get offered through Medicare Part C. They offer additional coverage to what one gets from plans A and B. Medicare will pay part of your medicare advantage plan cost, but you’ll cater for any additional coverage.

    You should also research the factors for Medicare eligibility in Texas and the unique Medicare plans in Texas.

  3. Medicare Scams are Happening Almost Daily

    It is possible to get scammed through Medicare. Scammers target Medicare users, especially the older generation who are polite and trusting. Thus, it is advisable to focus primarily on the information we find online. Also, we need to be closer to our seniors to help them avoid scams.

    One way to do this is to ensure you get information from reputable sources. If you need Medicare in Texas, there are government websites that you should rely on. You can also get information from other non-governmental websites, ensuring you confirm they are legit sites.

  4. You Don’t Have to Sign Up For Medicare at Age 65

    Again this is something else that not all people out there know. You don’t have to sign up for Medicare once you turn 65. This is so if you have health insurance and would like to retire. You won’t pay penalties for failing to sign up for medicare earlier in life.

    You can decide if you want to sign up for medicare after retiring. If you want to, enrolling for it will be seamless. The government already understands that you don’t need Medicare if your employer-provided group coverage, so it won’t trouble you.

  5. You Can Decide to Take an Additional Insurance Cover

    No one limits you to Medicare as long as you want to invest in your health. You can consider taking an additional insurance plan. As USA Medicare advisors will tell you, a private insurance plan can be lifesaving. This is because Medicare doesn’t cover everything, as we said before.

    If you have a serious medical condition, you might have to pay a larger sum from your pockets to cover the medical bill. The additional insurance you take might save you a significant amount of money. Instead of paying from your pockets, it’ll cover anything else Medicare doesn’t cover.

  6. Medicare Covers Some Weight Loss Programs

    Not everyone’s weight loss journey might get covered under medicare. There are various ways one qualifies for it. So, if you are on a weight loss journey, it’ll help determine whether you qualify for coverage. This is especially if you want to lose weight as a treatment for a disease.

    If you have diabetes, are battling hypothyroidism, etc., you should apply for coverage for weight loss. It will cover assessments, counseling, dieting, and follow-up visits. These tend to be expensive, but you can get them paid from your Medicare advantage plan.

  7. You Can Get Penalized for Waiting to Take a Part D Drug Plan.

    It isn’t mandatory to have a drug plan. However, waiting to take it can come with penalties that you might pay forever. You’ll pay the penalty for all the months you failed to take a drug plan. This is worth knowing because many people get penalized for not knowing how this works.

    The penalty for going without this plan is 1% of the national base beneficiary premium. It will get added to your Part D plan every other month you get penalized. This means your part D plan might cost a lot more than it should have if you honored the payments.

  8. Medicare is Running Out of Money

    The financial future of Medicare isn’t looking good, according to reports. There are old and new reports that Medicare is running out of funds. It is spending more than it collects. An excellent example was in 2017 when Medicare’s total income was $705.1 billion, and expenses were $710.2 billion.

    Reports indicate that the Hospital Insurance trust fund will go completely broke by 2026. It was projected earlier, but the latest reports show it could go broke three years earlier. The fiscal future of Medicare still faces massive uncertainty.


Those are some of the things people do not know about Medicare. As mentioned earlier, there is so much that you can learn about Medicare. Just knowing the basic things isn’t enough if you want to maximize your Medicare plan.

Now there’s a lot you can learn about Medicare. For instance, you can decide on the best Medicare advantage plans. This, of course, depends on various personal factors. At the end of the day, the best Medicare plan is the one that is tailored to your specific needs.




Things You Might Not Know About Your Medicare Coverage :



Things You Might Not Know About Your Medicare Coverage

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