Think over Before Having a Baby

There are so many items to think over before having a baby, so you must make a right decision! Before you stop using pills and before you want to have a baby, firstly, think about the things that are very important, and then solve other questions. Here are 7 important things to think over before having a baby.

1. Relationship

Many girls want to have a baby to save their relationship with someone whom they love. If you are also thinking about it, don’t hurry, think over again. To give birth a baby in unstable relationship means that you endanger feelings of three people (but not two) if breakup happens. However, if you have stable, happy relationship with you partner, it’s time to think about the child!

2. Budget

Other important item to think over is budget. Can you afford to have a baby? Do you have enough money for cradle, stroller, nappies, dry nurse, and other baby things? You’ll even have to buy a bigger car, because of growing family size. Think everything over before having a baby.

3. Other children

If you have other children, or child, you should consider their/its opinion too. Of course, the decision of your child/children is not crucial, but you should also think about whether there’s enough of you and your significant other to go around.

4. Career

Dispute about women and mothers in the jobsite has raged for over a century. Most women strive for being experts in both fields. If you’re interested in making your career, you should think about the timing of having a baby. Don’t forget, that when you’ll be on maternity leave, your co-workers and rivals will make a beautiful career and connections. If this thought haunts you, you may want to delay having a child.

5. Health and age

In past time, it wasn’t uncommon for women to have children into their 40s and 50s. Nowadays, most of women stop in their late 30s or early 40s. There are lots health risks that, nowadays, older moms face. That’s why, if you’re over 40, consult with your doctor before you decide for sure whether or not to get pregnant. Your health is certainly one of the most important items to think over before having a baby!

6. Assistance

It doesn’t matter how active you are, or how good your motherly intentions are, you need someone’s help for occasion, e.g., of some celebrations. You also need someone to look after your child when you’re at work.

7. Lifestyle

One of the most important items to think over, before having a baby, especially a first baby, it’s your lifestyle. It sounds awful, but any parent can tell you, that your life won’t be so bright and rich, when you’ll have a child. Remember, that every decision you make, for the rest of your life, will be made with your child’s needs in mind. That’s why if you’re a free, independent person who likes ingenuousness and voyage, it’s early for you to have a baby. However, your lifestyle is important item to think over.

Don’t you ever think about these items? Before having a baby, you must weight all pros and cons of breast-feeding, co-sleeping, and other important things. Those who have already child tell us, please, which of these items was main in your decision to have a baby? Those who don’t, tell us which of these items made you think over?


Think over Before Having a Baby