Tips to Become Happy

For somebody, happiness is adrenaline rush in blood, for someone contrary, quiet and peaceful life. Someone sees happiness in the children, someone in successful work, family and etc, but one thing is certain, we all want to be happy!
Tips to Become Happy
American psychologist Dr. Shimoff gave some advice “What we will do for to be happy without reason”
I quote them here.

  1. I believe that the world exist in order to help us
    Indeed, as one my friend told me:“You need to believe that the world revolves around you and you are center of universe. You are here right now, everything else is secondary, so why you lose your time and thinking about – everyone against you!” This world exist in order to help us.
  2. Stop behaving yourself like a victim – don’t complain and don’t blame other people circumstance
    This category of people who constantly complain and course they are harmful and they want to spoil your mood. Its only manners of communication. In fact, what is going on its just a circumstance without guilty .

  3. Try to seek in everything a lesson or gift of fate
    Simple Russian phrase – “All that is done, all to better”

  4. Try to filter obsessive negative thoughts
    Unfortunately, this problem is very difficult to cope, we are intuitively attracts negative.

One my friend lost his job, and can’t find a new. She start to think that she is not competent enough, she has little experience, she can’t pass job interview.
Indeed, at every job interview, she was so nervous and therefore not credible to potential employers.
Seeing her uncertainty and bad attitude, her boyfriend advised her to go on special course. And finally she start to believing in yourself! You can’t imagine but after two weeks she find a great new job and even have not graduated yet! She stopped thinking negatively!

  1. Forgive offenses
    Paying attention to negative thoughts, we are constantly digging in itself.
    Neither for us nor for our loved ones. So forgive and go.
  • Start to think like that ”I will be happy when I have a husband ( children, money etc)
    You must be happy right now and right here, perhaps, the most difficult , learn to enjoy small things. Present your smile other people and receive a smile in response.

  • Drink plenty of water, stop eating fast food and breathe deeply
    It is easy.

  • Start to help other people and give inspiration at every moment of your life
    When you are helping others, you become stronger.
    And the joy of knowing that you have really helped with nothings can compare.

  • Happy people control the events of his life when there is such possibility
    If you can’t change the events, then just change their attitude to what is happening.

  • What is the happiness? Probably there is no single answer but if you try to share your happiness we will get one happy man on our planet!