Tips for Defeating Insomnia

According to some medical estimates, insomnia is a problem that over thirty million people in this country alone suffer from every night. Not a sleep disorder in of itself, insomnia is the effect caused by other factors, such as stress, complications from certain medications, various medical conditions, such as acid reflux, as well as sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Left unchecked, chronic insomnia can cause further complications, such as high blood pressure.

Tips for Defeating Insomnia

The symptoms of insomnia vary from person to person, including:

Not being able to fall asleep, even when tired
Waking up frequently and being unable to go back to sleep
Waking up feeling tired and unrefreshed after a night’s sleep
Inability to concentrate during the day
Feeling drowsy and fatigued during the day
Dependance on sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep.
But here is the good news. With just a few changes in habits and lifestyle, most forms of insomnia can be cured without resorting to medications or sleep specialists.

Many of the lifestyles changes are simple and almost common sense and going against them can be one the causes of having sleepless nights. Assuming the insomnia is not caused by medical conditions or complications from medicines, these are a good beginning:

  1. Make sure the bedroom is dark and quiet
    Make sure the bedroom is dark and quiet

All too often, people keep the TV set running as they doze off, or there is a light on somewhere that can cause distraction. Make sure everything, computers, TV sets, radios, etc. are off before trying to sleep. This way you aren’t subconsciously paying attention to something else.