Tips for Nails

In the summer time, hands and feet are bare and open for the public to see. During this season especially, women often want to beautify their nails in unique ways. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose a Nail Shade that Complements You

If you’re trying to choose nail colors for the summer season, try bright colors like orange and pink. Neutral and metallic shades are also safe to use for the hot season. The most important thing to remember is that the right color is the one that complements your skin.

2. Match Your Nails to Your Swimwear

During the summer season, women pull out fun summer dresses and swimwear. Be sure to choose the right nail color for your outfit. Try deciding on a set of summer outfits for your vacation that have a consistent look or shade. This way you won’t have to consistently change nail colors just to complement your outfit.

3. Watch Out for Trends

Numerous brands are coming out with their own collection of nail colors every summer. So before making your nail color decision, browse through what is hot and trendy in the internet or in the fashion world.

4. Be Adventurous With Your Nails

Summer is the perfect season for women be more creative with their nail selections. Nail painting is a form of art that allows you to freely express your own sense of style. Take inspiration from the nature and your own wardrobe.

5. Consider Day and Night

Your glamorous nails might look astonishing in the morning but not as attractive at night. For a bright sunny day, shades that are neutral may be a better choice. Sparkling colors tend to look better in the evening.

6. Plan Ahead for Summer Events

Summer would not be complete without hot weather events. Chooe a nail color that fits your event. Are you attending a water sports event at the beach, or a formal dinner at a restaurant? Keep in mind your event as you select your nail color.

7. Invest in a Good Nail Polish

Fast drying formulas do not last for long. This makes them great for women who change nail color frequently. Professionally painted nails with acrylic last longer. Acrylic nails allow wearers to relax and enjoy their extended summer vacation.

8. Have Fun With Your Nails

Nails should be fun. Have a slumber party with your friends and paint each other’s nails to make it more fun and exciting!

Summer is all about fun and trying out new things. Enjoy the beach and your summer nails. The right color or nail design will make you more confident during every day of the season.


Tips for Nails