Tips to Choose the Cable Services That Keep the Family Budget Stable

Tips to Choose the Cable Services That Keep the Family Budget Stable
Tips to Choose the Cable Services That Keep the Family Budget Stable

Tips to Choose the Cable Services That Keep the Family Budget Stable : If we think about one thing that is most prominent in our lives, then it would be undoubtedly the internet. Yes, it is the factor that has been dominating our routines and family lives into a more progressed way. As we spend a lot of time on the internet, we would need an internet connection that is fast enough to process our online queries on time.

Fortunately, in the US there is a fierce competition between the internet service providers in this context. Some of the top cable providers are Comcast, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, and Verizon. In the context of the current economic situation, American families naturally incline to the service which gives them relief from the cost. This situation compels the company to deliver better services at the reasonable price.

Here’s a brief description of the cable service packages which are affordable for every American family.

Charter Packages; Save Up To $200:

Charter Spectrum has a nationwide network with millions of customers expanding in 41 States. It is popular among the residential customers due to its low price but no compromise on the quality of the services. To ensure the quality as promised to the customer, it has designed the customized Triple Play packages. These plans include the Charter Spectrum Internet, Cable TV, and Voice services. The customer can save up to $200 annually on choosing any of the deals.

Spectrum Triple Play; a Complete Digital Solution for Family:

The Triple Play range has a further three categories. Here’s a brief look into these packages.

  1. Triple Play Select:
  • 125+ Free HD channels like ESPN, BBC America, CNN, ABC, NBC, and The Weather Channel.


  1. Triple Play Silver:
  • 175+ Free HD channels
  • Many Premium channels like HBO, Showtime


  1. Triple Play Gold:
  • 200+ Free HD channels
  • Premium channels like HBO (All Zones), Starz, Starz Encore, Cinemax, and The Movie Channel


The main difference between the categories is the channel lineup. Besides the channel list, all packages enjoy the same level of service quality.


Same Features for All Packages:

Here’s a glimpse of the features that are available in all categories.

  • 100 Mbps speed internet connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth for internet
  • Live TV streaming and On-Demand shows with Spectrum TV App
  • Thousands of TV shows and movies available to watch for free
  • Free DVR Service for four channels at a time
  • Free Wi-Fi modem
  • Free installation service
  • Free online security suite for online protection
  • Unlimited free local calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Dominican Republic
  • 28 unique voice features to assist the caller
  • Free 411 directory assistance
  • No hidden or extra fee as other companies charge

Features Designed For Family:

The packages also include distinct features that are designed for the family.

Contract Buyout:

If your family is stuck with other provider and it demands a fee to end the contract, Charter will help you with the contract buyout service. Charter will buy the deal up to $500 for you.

Unlimited Data for Entire Family:

Charter Spectrum internet provides the unlimited data so the whole family can browse freely. It also relieves the family to purchase separate cellular data plans for smartphones.

Free Security Suite for Devices:

Due to the ongoing danger of online malware, Charter Internet includes the online security suite. The suite blocks any unauthorized breach on the system. Moreover, it updated the system automatically to cope with the ever-changing threats.

Secure Home Network for Data Sharing:

Family can make a secure private network using the Charter Spectrum Internet. The interface is used for data sharing like family pictures and necessary documents.

Free DVR:

DVR is the most used service in the homes. Spectrum provides the free DVR service with simultaneous recording of up to 4 channels for thousands of hours. Customers can record their favorite shows as much as they want and can watch them later at their convenient time.

Parental Controls:

Charter has made the parents’ responsibility easy by introducing Parental Controls. Charter has designed the controls to safeguard the kids. It also helps the parents to raise their children in a positive and learning environment.

Through the parental controls, parents can

  • Block any channel
  • Block any specific program
  • Filter the adult titles and content
  • Rate the channels
  • Arrange the channels according to rating
  • Set/ change the parental control PIN
  • Set the time and date restriction to watch the TV
  • Block specific emails
  • Block any harmful website

Call Trace:

If any family member gets threat call, he/she can request the Charter to trace the call. Charter will track the caller information and will share the data with the local law enforcement agency only. The customer can request to locate a number just from the recent incoming calls.

You can call Charter Spectrum customer representative for further details about its cost-effective packages.


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Tips to Choose the Cable Services That Keep the Family Budget Stable