Tips to choosing the best diamond pendant set for your purpose

Tips to choosing the best diamond pendant set for your purpose
Tips to choosing the best diamond pendant set for your purpose

Tips to choosing the best diamond pendant set for your purpose : Diamond pendant is the common kind of diamond necklace which hangs on singular chain. Precious diamonds are used to design diamond pendant and is worn by women around the neck. Diamond pendant in chain looks amazing when worn around the neck as it seems like pieces of diamonds hanging from the neck. Be more charming and admirable by shopping for diamond pendant set online.

Pendant set is the most important jewelry set in the entire wardrobe of a woman. Without a pendant set, your look will not be complete. The set will compliment your attire in the same way as cherries on top of cakes. If you wish to explore and discover innovative pendant sets, you should look online. You will find such amazing pendant sets that you will love to wear them wherever you go.

Consider the stone sizes

Whether you are buying ladies gold ring or diamond pendant, you have to consider the stone sizes. If you can’t visualize the diamond by its weight, do consider the size. Read the specifications of diamond carefully and try to visualize its size. A1 Carat Diamond has the same size of the top of standard pencil eraser. In other words, the size of A1 Carat diamond is between 6.5 mm or ¼ inch. If you have the choker length chain, this size of diamond will certainly command attention. It will reflect the status and sheer charm of the lady wearing it. That may cost you around $2000-$6000. But, if you have limited budget, you may consider diamond of any size and wear it as necklace. Diamond carat must be in accordance with the age of the woman. If the woman is just 22-25 years old, she can flaunt ¼ carat diamond. Women above 30 years old must wear necklace with ¾ carat diamond.

When choosing the size of the diamond, it is also important to consider the style or character of the lady. If you are a simple lady, more into formal wear, you may wear small diamond.

Consider the cost of diamond versus its quality

When shopping for diamond necklace, make sure you get value for money. The cost, the value of diamond can be determined by its 4 Cs. They are cut, carat, color and clarity. When it comes to the color of diamond, the best value would be G-H-I. SI rated diamond is clear and ‘eye clean’. There is no need to spend too much money on diamonds highly clear. You should shop for clear diamonds made available at bargained rates.  Look for very good grade diamond cut. It is only the cutter who can infuse life and fiery sparkle to diamond pieces.

Go for the right length

The diamond pendant set or necklace should be in the right size as per your neck size. Consider the style of chain, its width. Chain width may be between 1-1.75 mm. The round snake chain with 1-2 mm width is the most elegant and stylish choice.

If you follow each and every advice given above, you will arrive at perfect pendant set. Do consider your budget when making purchases.


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Tips to choosing the best diamond pendant set for your purpose

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