Tips to Make Marriage Sex Feel Awesome

To keep yourself busy in between the sheets long after you’ve tied the knot can be often be tricky. That’s why we say, treat sex as an experience, and not like another chore. Get naughty with your man as often as you can and you will never complain. Here are a few tips to reignite the passion and set the ball rolling once again in your married life.

Send him erotic photographs:

Take some sexy, naughty pictures of yourself and then send them to your husband. It’s guaranteed to get you some mid-afternoon attention, when he rushes back home to you! Oh yes, don’t forget to get really hot lingerie for the photos!


Revamp your lingerie wardrobe:

If work and family commitments keep you busy through the week, then shopping for fancy lingerie is the last thing on your mind. But if you are planning some nookie with your man, then you must revamp your lingerie wardrobe pronto! It will not only make you feel divine from within, but also help you inch towards some much-needed action in the bedroom.


Try a fun, new sex position:

Dressing up like a dirty nurse or a damsel in distress may end up becoming as comedy night for the two of you. But how about trying a sex position that guarantees some fun and excitement between the sheets? Opt for a sex position considering your comfort level and watch temperatures soar in the bedroom.


Go out on a date:

Go on a romantic date with your husband. But try not to go out together or ask him to pick you. Meet each other directly at a club, bar or concert. It will remind you of the good old days! And if you want to make things naughty, pretend to be strangers. Give yourselves fake names and make up stories about your own lives. Indulge in a sexual conversation with this beautiful stranger. 😉


Book a hotel room:

If you were to hook up with a stranger, where would you take them? To a place that allows you privacy and no speculations, right? Hotel rooms are the perfect answer to ignite the passion. Book a hotel room to spend an afternoon or night with your beau.


Watch porn:

Not every woman can watch porn. But you can watch porn with the man you trust. Do the moves and see how he enjoys them. You will actually feel like a dirty, dirty girl. 😛


Self help:

Surprise him by masturbating in front your husband. Go down and dirty on yourself with your fingers and let him watch. Dress up in garter and stockings and touch yourself sensuously as you peel them off and then start touching yourself.



Let him eat food off you or even do body shots. Your naked body can be the platter on which you can serve him the delicacies. We are sure he will be more interested in you than all the food on it.


Game it up:

Play kinky games in the bedroom, and whoever wins gets something of their desire between the sheets. But winning isn’t the point. Enjoy each other while having playful sex. It’s a win-win for both of you.


Kiss and tell:

Talk dirty when you are making love. Tell him what you are going to do to him next and then act on your words. Start by kissing his fingertips and then move on to his lips. Be very delicate and slow with every kiss. More sex is bound to follow.



Tips to Make Marriage Sex Feel Awesome