Tips To Spring Clean Your Relationships

Tips To Spring Clean Your Relationships

The Spring Equinox is here, and that means it’s time for some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning! In addition to cleaning out your closet, why not do a little bit of spring cleaning in your relationships, too?! Here are six tips for clearing stagnant energies and freshening up the important relationships in your life.

  1. Assess what serves you.

Just like cleaning out your closet, the first step to spring cleaning your relationships is to assess what you want to keep, store or throw away. Right now is the time to scale back on relationships that do not serve your greatest good! We all have that one friend who we find completely draining. Maybe now is a good time to put that friend into storage and focus your attention on friends who put a spring in your step, or hold the space open for new friends and new experiences.

If you are in a long-term romantic relationship, step back and assess whether you want to continue walking the path you are on. Reflect on any major issues that have been swept under the rug during the winter, and decide whether these are deal-breakers, or issues that you can resolve with some honest communication.

  1. Communicate to declutter.

We may love the items in our closet, but they can still end up in messy piles shoved in dark corners until we clean them up! In the same way, our relationships can get bogged down or cluttered when we don’t directly communicate. This is the time to make assertive, honest communication a top priority!

Examine the relationships that matter and ask yourself if there is anything important that you have been withholding. As Mother Earth moves into this period of renewal and rebirth, now is an excellent time to clear the air, and to say what needs to be said. Invite the other people in your life to do the same, and have faith that your relationships will benefit from truths spoken openly!

  1. Establish healthy boundaries.

Just like messy clothes from the closet can spill out and trash the rest of your room, so too can relationships wreak havoc on your life when you don’t have healthy boundaries. Once you have assessed the relationships you wish to keep, and communicated any major issues, it is time to review your boundaries. We set boundaries and learn to say no in our relationships because we need to maintain the integrity of our energetic space and our unique path through life.

Many of us are natural nurturers and caregivers, which can be a really beautiful thing. But without healthy boundaries we can lose ourselves by giving so much that we fail to take care of our own needs. Examine the relationships in your life and ask yourself if you are comfortable with the current boundaries. Are you able to be your own person? Are you giving too much of yourself? Remember, you deserve this! Setting healthy relationship boundaries is integral of living a happy life!

  1. Find a balance.

Although many of us would love to own a closet full of nothing but miniskirts and high-heels, this may not be practical for daily life. Our wardrobe should have a balance of different clothes, just like our life should have a balanced collection of relationships. If you notice you have a bunch of so-called “party acquaintances” (the miniskirts and heels of the friend world) but very few true soul connections, perhaps it’s time to pursue more meaningful friendships.

Likewise if you have many deep conversations but not a lot of fun with your friends, then maybe it is time to manifest some new friends to hit the town with. Either way, variety is the spice of life and we are happiest when we have well-rounded variety of relationships! Also trust your gut when it comes to the relationships that balance you out the best, because balance can be different for everyone.

  1. Show love and gratitude.

When you spring clean your closet, you probably look at your clothes and feel immensely grateful for all that you have. The same is true for our relationships: We are so lucky to have the good people in our lives! They make life worth living.Whether you have hundreds of friends or only a few, you are blessed. Remember, feelings of gratitude enable us to manifest more relationships that we can feel grateful about! Take a moment today to tell everyone important how much you love them! For maximum effect, do it in person or at least over the phone instead of via email or text.

  1. Continue to do maintenance!

We can spring clean our closets once and let the mess build up again, or we can continue to keep things clean and tidy all year long. In psychology, maintenance is considered an integral part of happy relationships. Continue to put the work in by assessing, communicating, setting healthy boundaries, finding balance and showing love all year long. You will be rewarded with more satisfying, better adjusted relationships.