Top 17 Must Have Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own

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Top 17 Must Have Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own : An experienced, as well as a beginner gardener, needs to have a set of garden tools to make the lush green and colorful garden of his/her dreams. An experienced, as well as a beginner gardener, needs to have a set of Must Have Garden Tools to make the lush green and colorful garden of his/her dreams.

What are Garden Tools?

Garden tools are any kind of tools or device made solely for the purpose of gardening. Most of the gardening tools often get overlapped with the tools created for agriculture and horticulture purposes. Some examples of gardening tools are – spade, rake, trowel, mower, sprinkler, and so on.


Garden tools are segregated into two categories:

  • Hand Tools – As the name suggests, these garden tools are solely operated by manual effort or human hand. Few examples of hand tools are – struck or hammer tools, like Fiskars sledgehammers, screwdrivers, vises, clamps, saws, drills, knives, cutters, striking tools, and snips.
  • Power Tools – Besides manual labor, a power tool requires a power source and a motor to activate. Thus, each power tool has its specific mechanism to work.Most commonly used power tools are – lawn mower, garden and lawn sprinkler, line trimmer, blower vac, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw.


Why Garden Tools are Important?

For every gardener, garden tools should be a staple. Without garden tools, making a lush garden is hard to achieve. Plus, it’s time-consuming. Going the cheap way in gardening can cost you big later. Initially, you may have to invest a certain amount in your hobby. But, it’ll give you great results in the long run.

You’ll have to work really hard if you jump into the pool of gardening without a set of garden tools. That is, without these tools, you have to work harder to accomplish the same results that you can if you had these tools.

In a nutshell, garden tools are important to save time, energy, and money. “Time is money”, so save time and save money at the same time. Use proper garden tools to get the maximum output within a given time. Because lost time never comes back. Using these tools would turn out your garden a better piece of this art.


How to Use Garden Tools in the Right Way?

Buying garden tools and using them right away is not the right way of gardening. You need to use the right tool at the right time to get the desired results. Look for tools that are comfortable in size. Buy tools that are made of wood or coated-metal handles, they’re durable. And most importantly, store tools in a proper way. For instance, hang long tools and keep the short ones in the garden bag.


Here’s a handful of garden tips to make your job easy:

1. Instead of using water pipes to water plants and the lawn, use garden sprinklers and lawn sprinklers. These make the job of watering much easier.

2. A single garden tool serves a lot of purposes. For instance, invest in a good garden shovel and use it for the following purposes –

  • Uprooting annoying weeds,
  • Cleaning the dirt and waste from the plant by not hurting the base of the plant, and
  • Planting the seeds.Hence, if used the right way, a shovel can save your time, work, energy and money.


Types of Must Have Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Mowing the lawn, planting seeds, watering the plants can be easily done with the help of the right garden tools. These lessen human labor and uncomplicate the complicated work.

So, a gardener must have these garden tools to master the art of gardening:

1. Aerator

These are used to aerate the soil. This helps in the oxygen, water and nutrient flow throughout the soil. Aeration improves soil fertility and soil drainage.


2. Cultivators

Used to loosen soil, spread compost, break solid soil, remove weeds, and spread fertilizers.


3. Edgers

These are used to define the border with its hemispherical blade. Cuts through thick weeds and grass.

4. Forks

  • Spading Fork – It’s found in every gardener’s shed. It’s used for tilling huge areas of solid and split compacted dirt clods.
  • Pitchfork – Though used in agriculture, it’s a great gardening tool also. Wide pointed prongs are fixed to a long handle. Mainly used to shift loose materials like leaves, tree clippings, and compost.
  • Potato Fork – As the name says, used mainly for picking up potatoes and other vegetables from the soil.


5. Gloves

Used for deadheading, handling seeds, and weeding dry soil, wet works like planting shrubs and picking up leaves, carrying firewood, digging holes, and cleaning brush. These also protect your arms from prickly shrubs.


6. Hoe

It has a long handle with a flat blade. Used for removing weed, hilling and drilling soil, cutting roots of shallow weeds and bringing back soil to cover the seeds.


7. Hose

Different models are available in the market. Used to carry fluids throughout the soil.


8. Sprinkler

If you have a real garden, you can not maintain it without a garden sprinkler. Sprinklers is using for watering your garden. So if you can not perform to watering your garden perfectly, you garden may face verious types of problem. So get a healthy and good garden, a perfect lawn sprinkler is must for your garden.


9. Kneeler

These protects your knees from sharp objects like stones and makes gardening comfortable.


10. Knives

  • Pruning Knife – Used for shaving small branches, cutting flower stems, and separate soil before planting seeds.
  • Machete – It similarizes a long sword and effective for cutting heavy underbrush.
  • Budding Knife – Used for implanting a bud.


11. Lawn Mower

A machine that cuts grass evenly. There are several types of lawn mower available in the market. The latest one is modern zero turn mower that is really fantastic. But the problem is, this tools price is high. So only rich gardener can own this one.


12. Garden Vacuum

This electrically and gas powered machine blows away leaf debris and dirt from the garden. A neat and clean garden is really nice. But there is no alternate of a garden vacuum clearn for a nice garden.


13. Pick Mattock

It has a pointed end and a wide blade used for separating well compacted clay and soil.


14. Pressure Washer

Used for cleaning with water flow.


15. Rakes

Used for picking up garden trash, leaf piles, and cleaning debris from around and under plants.


16. Saws

Used to cut small and thick branches, firewood, and thick forest trees.


17. Shears

These are used to trim grass, edging paths, and cut ornamental grasses.


18. Shovels

Mainly used to dig holes for planting trees and shrubs and shifting loose materials like sand, compost, and soil. So shovels are very important for a garden.


Overall on Garden Tools, Gardening needs manual labor. But, it doesn’t depend solely on brute strength. Using bare hand and human strength solely to set up a garden can result in injuries later on. Work smartly, use proper garden tools to get the maximum benefits.



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