Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Bench Pressing

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Bench Pressing
Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Bench Pressing

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Bench Pressing : Why correct form and posture when using the bench press is not only essential for best results but also to stay safe during your workout!

There are very few exercises in the gym which are better suited to building a huge upper body. Concentrating on time under tension the bench press has huge potential to strengthen and engage your pectoral muscles, shoulder, deltoids, and even triceps muscles. It’s an effective upper body exercise for increasing strength and improving your physique but your success with the bench press depends on your execution of the exercise. Below are the top 5 mistakes to avoid and make sure you bench press safely:

  1. Don’t Go Too Heavy

    Choosing the right bench press equipment for you means choosing the appropriate weight. Lifting too heavy will cause you to break your lifting form resulting in lifting of hips or flaring of elbows. Make sure to pick a weight that you can comfortably sustain for at least 3-5 repetitions. By choosing a manageable weight you will avoid bad form and be able to build your strength up safely.

  2. Keep Your Feet on the Ground

    Your feet should stay firmly planted into the ground and be pushed down into the ground throughout the whole bench press exercise. Some lifters contact the ground using their toes while others find it more stable having their foot flat on the ground. Moving your feet during the exercise will create an instability and ultimately you will loose form because of this.

  3. Get Your Grip Right

    Where you grip the barbell during the bench press will determine which muscles you’re engaging. You’ll activate more of your chest muscles with a wider grip as opposed to activating your triceps and forearms with a narrow grip. Be sure to grip the barbell in the same place for each rep for consistent muscle engagement. Powerlifting movements involve a wider grip but tucking the elbows as the barbell comes to the bottom of the movement

  4. Squeeze the Scapula

    If you want to lift more weight with your bench press equipment, you should have a small arch in your lower back while squeezing the shoulder blades together. Keep your butt on the bench, head, and shoulders pressed down onto the bench as you arch your back and press the barbell away from your chest. Doing so will allow you to lift more weight, therefore increasing your strength. Be sure not to over arch your back though, there should be just enough room for a fist to fit in between your back and the bench.

  5. Touching the Bar to Your Chest

    The negative part of the movement should be slow and controlled with an explosive upward movement. The barbell should touch and pause on your chest on every rep on the decline of the movement. Be careful not to rest the barbell on your chest which will no doubt result in bad form. To get the most out of your bench press, the barbell should stop at your chest , pause for 1 to 2 seconds before you use your arms to push it away from you. Make sure your movements are controlled and that you are not bouncing the barbell off your sternum.

Maintaining proper form through the bench press, or any exercise is essential for getting the best results from your workouts.






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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Bench Pressing

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