Top 5 popular diamonds

Top 5 popular diamonds
Top 5 popular diamonds

Top 5 popular diamonds : Everyone loves to wear exquisite diamond jewelry.  Diamonds are beautiful and look graceful. There are different types of diamonds available in the market.  Diamonds are classified into different types on the basis of color, size, cut, and quality. Blue Nile diamonds provide you with an exclusive range of diamonds.  You can read here about the top 5 popular diamonds available in the market:

  • De Beers Centenary Diamonds

    It is the most expensive type of diamonds. It comes from the premier mine. It was discovered in the year 1986 and was introduced in 1991. It was a large diamond and it took nearly three years to cut this diamond. There are 247 facets fitted with this type of diamond to enhance its beauty and appearance. It has a level D color. It is a colorless diamond. It is difficult to find a colorless diamond. The diamond shines with the reflection of the bright colors present in the surrounding environment. It weighs 273 carats but the original diamond weighed 599 carats.

  • The Cullinan Diamond

    This type of diamond is the third most expensive diamond in the world. It was discovered in 1905. The original gem was larger in size and it had to be cut into several smaller pieces and the largest polished piece was known as the Cullinan I (First Star of Africa). The second largest piece was called as Cullinan II and it was also given the name of the little star of Africa. It is quite large and weighed about 500 carats.

  • The Hope Diamond

    It is the fourth expensive diamond in the world. It is a large blue diamond and is currently displayed at Smithsonian Museum of Natural history in Washington. It is the largest blue diamond. It is believed to be cursed and it is believed that it brings bad luck to the owner. It weighs 45.52 carats.

  • The Sancy Diamond

    It is a pricey diamond. It was believed to be found in Golconda, India. It is one of the most popular diamonds in the world. It was found somewhere around in the 1400s. It is a yellow Moissanite vs diamond and now a part of the French Crown Jewel Collection. It is pale yellow in color and shaped like a shield. It is a rare and expensive diamond. It was named after a French soldier.

  • Kohinoor

    It is a beautiful and most valuable diamond in the world.  It was considered as the top-notch precious stone. The word Kohinoor means ‘Mountain of Light’ in Persian.  It became the part of the British Crown when the East India Company conquered India. It is an oval cut diamond. Today, the British Royal Family claims its ownership. Many kings and rulers fought wars with each other in order to possess its ownership. It was captured by the Rajahs of Malwa in the 16th century by the Mogul Sultan Babar. Later, it remained in the possession of Mogul emperors. It was set in the famous Peacock Throne that was specially made for Shah Jahan.



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Top 5 popular diamonds

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