Top 5 Traps In Online Poker – How To Avoid Them

Top 5 Traps In Online Poker - How To Avoid Them
Top 5 Traps In Online Poker - How To Avoid Them

In this article, we list the top 5 traps in online poker for you and share some ways to avoid them! Read right now if you do not want to lose money!

Recently, poker has become a popular gambling card game all around the world. With the growth of digital technology, many gambling platforms have been programmed to be a playground for all poker lovers. However, not all websites are trustable to experience.

In fact, there are many traps used in online poker to steal money from the users. Without being careful, you may easily fall into them. To help you avoid this bad situation, we have made this article to explain the top 5 traps in online poker. Slide down to see!

Top 5 Traps In Online Poker

  1. Random Number Generator

    Random Number Generator
    Random Number Generator

    Have you ever played online poker and felt like everything there has been set up? Surely yes, right?

    At the very beginning, you usually receive super good hands that help you win a lot of chips. But after time, your hands become worse. You don’t be able to have a long winning streak like before!

    If you are in this situation, you probably have fallen into the first trap that we want to talk about – the Random Number Generator.

    To put it simply, the Random Number Generator is a special program that is coded to cheat in distributing the cards. When this program works, instead of randomly giving you the hands, it will alternate the good hands with bad cards so that you will not be able to win the game. To prevent you from detecting its trick, the program will sometime distribute the good cards for you (but the amount of winning money is still low).

  2. Superuser

    The second trap that we want to discuss in this topic is the Superuser. In more detail, the gambling websites allow some specific users to create special accounts. Using these accounts, they will be able to see through the hands of their opponents.

    Typically, the programmers of the websites have made these accounts to steal money from other players. On the other hand, they code these accounts to sell for the rich people who want to do cheating.

    In the poker history, there are many famous websites that were detected for allowing Superuser such as Absolute Poker in 2007 and Ultimate Bet in 2008. Especially, people even found out that the champion of the World Series of Poker Main Event – Russ Hamilton was the Superuser of Ultimate Bet. The truth that Hamilton has stolen millions of dollars made his fan disappointed much.

  3. Gambling Bot

    Gambling Bot
    Gambling Bot

    Keep in mind that Gambling Bot is not similar to Superuser. While the Superuser is a real user who can read other player’s cards, Gambling Bot is a robot who plays in an account of a real person.

    When you fall into this trap, you will feel like you are playing with real people. However, those players are bots, in fact. As these machines are another coded program that can connect directly to the website’s server, they will be able to read your hands and use the right tactics. In other words, you have no chance to beat these fake players.

  4. Mini Lucky Games

    Mini Lucky Games
    Mini Lucky Games

    Besides poker, you can experience plenty of lucky mini-games such as lucky spinning, 3-cards, lucky stripes, the golden rat, etc.

    Usually, these mini-games have the same advertisement that you put in a small amount of money, click “Start”, and wait for the server to work. If you are lucky, you can get a super big prize with a huge amount of money.

    But the truth is, there is no luck here. These programs have been made so that they can steal money from the users. In spite of the fact that the buy-in money is not much, they can still make millions of dollars if many people play games like you.

  5. Account Loss

    Account Loss
    Account Loss

    Just imagine that you have deposited a lot of money into your online gambling account. And suddenly, in one day, you can not get access to it. Although you are really sure that you input the right ID and passwords, the system still says that those are incorrect.

    In this case, we have nothing to say that you have got cheated. The website has stolen all your money and remove your account from its server. Of course, you can call the customer service to ask for help. But remember that this website is not trustable already, so what your receive from this service is just an answer: “we do not know anything!” or even no reply.

How To Avoid These Traps

It is such terrible to fall into these traps, right? But do not worry too much because we will share with you some ways to avoid them.

Choose the trustable website

The reputable websites always want to protect their reputation, so they will not cheat you to avoid risks. Therefore, choose the websites that are recommended by many people and poker professionals. And most of all, these digital platforms should have certifications from the trustable organizations.

In case you don’t know which address to go to, just try the This website is a safe place of poker lovers from all around the world. When you get there, besides poker, you can also try experiencing the game bai tik – a lucky game that can help you make a lot of money.

Quit room when having bad hands many times

When you have bad hands for many times and think that something is set up, you should quit the room immediately. No matter if the room has unfair tricks or not, always put your safety first.

Do not deposit too much money

To avoid hackers or the account loss situation, you should not deposit too much money on the online website. When you feel that the amount of money is high enough, a withdrawal will be our recommendation.


Above are the top 5 popular traps in online poker and some ways to avoid them. From now on, you will be able to have a safe poker gameplay!

For more tips in poker, please follow our website. We will update new posts for you soon!

Finally, we want to say many thanks to you for having read!








Top 5 Traps In Online Poker – How To Avoid Them

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