Top Benefits of Applying Collagen Mask Revealed

Top Benefits of Applying Collagen Mask Revealed : While the beauty business is booming, facial masks, in particular, are a popular product, bringing in 29 billion dollars in 2016 and will rise considerably in the coming years.

However, choosing a mask to use is challenging, especially when the shelves at the store are packed with promise. What are some of the best masks to apply?

Collagen masks are a great option! Collagen is vital to the health of the skin and almost anyone can benefit from it. Continue reading to understand how these amazing masks work, and why you should keep them in your beauty cabinet.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most sufficient protein in your body, making up for about 35% of protein. It’s the foundation of many muscles, tissues, tendons, bones, teeth, and yes, the skin. Experts believe there are as many as 16 types of collagen, and these types act like ‘glue’ and holding all parts together.

While your body makes collagen, getting amble nutrients from whole food sources helps collagen production.

7 Benefits of Collagen Masks

Collagen is important to the skin to maintain it’s health. If you’re having trouble eating foods that boost collagen in the body you can drink collagen infused water, or you ca have collagen mask which you can deposit on your skin. Collagen masks are infused with collagen and allow your skin to reap the benefits of this vital protein.

Here are 7 benefits of collagen masks.

  1. Combat Aging

    As your age, your body slowly makes less and less collagen, making your skin susceptible to dreaded fine lines. One of the highlights of collagen is that it promotes skin elasticity. This means that with fuller skin, you get fewer lines and wrinkles and a smoother tone.

  2. Hydrate

    When your skin is dry, it’s often flaky or itchy and this is uncomfortable. Applying a collagen mask, like the Dermal collagen essence mask, keeps your skin hydrated and supple, due to the added ingredients in the mask itself.

  3. Blast Away Free Radicals

    Free radicals have made a name for themselves in the world of skincare because they speed up aging and they destroy collagen! Put the collagen back into your skin with a collagen mask to fight back.

  4. Convenient

    In our hustle and bustle society, it’s easy to forget to take good care of our skin, or it’s simply too time-consuming to see a dermatologist. Collagen masks allow you the convenience of getting collagen in the comfort of your own home on your own time. They don’t take long, only about 20-30 minutes to use.

  5. Heal Your Skin

    Do you suffer from acne? Collagen may help reduce the appearance of acne with continued use, because it may contain anti-microbials which tackle bacteria.

  6. Stay Spotless

    Aging brings about dark spots that you may think are unsightly. Collagen masks help your cells have a higher turn-over rate which renews your skin.

  7. Reveal Brighter Skin

    Dull skin is can be frustrating and difficult to get rid of. Collagen works to increase the brightness of your skin, so you have a glowing complexion.

Are There Different Types of Collagen Masks?

Now that you know the amazing benefits of collagen, you might be wondering if there are any specific types of collagen masks. There are!

Here are a few types to choose from.

  1. Paper Masks

    Paper masks are infused with ingredients and come in a package. Using water on the mask, you activate the ingredients and place it on your face, with areas cut out for the eyes, mouth, and nose.

  2. Gel

    If you enjoy applying gels, you’ll be happy to know that collagen masks as gels are available. In fact, they may even be better than paper because it acts as a protection from outside pollutants. When ingredients are untouched by outside sources, they can penetrate the skin and work better.

  3. Cream

    Cream-based masks are incredibly popular and work well, especially for those with drier skin. While cream-based collagen masks are fine, remember that the ingredients are often diluted, so look for cream masks that have a low number of ingredients to get the full effect.

While there are many pros and cons, the best collagen mask will be the one that works for you, your skin type, budget, and amount of time you have.

What to Look For in A Collagen Mask

It can be overwhelming to browse the aisle of a store looking for the perfect mask. Here are some tips to help you find a mask and make it less confusing!

  • Decide whether you want a cream, gel, or paper mask and which is best suited to your skin type
  • Look for masks with actual collagen or collagen peptides in the ingredients list, rather than ingredients that promote collagen production
  • Always read the ingredients list and reviews online if possible before you make a purchase. Knowing how the mask has effected others is important.
  • Be aware of any ingredients to which you may be allergic or that you know to cause skin irritation or sensitivity.

To see the best results from your collagen mask, be sure to use it 2-3 times a week. Always discontinue or cut back use if you suspect irritation.

Collagen Masks: Are They For You?

Collagen masks provide a great way for your skin to stay looking younger and brighter. Because of the convenience of collagen masks, you can apply this mask whenever you need to.

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Top Benefits of Applying Collagen Mask Revealed

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