Top Reasons Why Interventional Radiology Is Better Than Open Surgery

Top Reasons Why Interventional Radiology Is Better Than Open Surgery : Interventional radiology is an exciting and growing medical specialty that continues to raise many eyebrows. There is no question about its popularity in recent years. Many doctors are starting to rely on it to perform surgical procedures for diagnosing, treating, and curing various conditions in the most minimally invasive way.

With the help of your trusted interventional radiologist, Andrew Doe MD, patients can enjoy options to open invasive surgery. As the range of conditions treatable by IR grows vast, continually expanding, it is safe to say it is an excellent addition to the health industry.

Open surgery has its pitfalls and is not desirable anymore as new technology continues to make inroads in the medical arena. But if you are not convinced, the following are the top reasons why interventional radiology is an excellent choice:

Better Effectiveness

One outstanding benefit of medical imaging technology is that it provides radiologists with high visibility throughout the procedure. When a medical expert has a clear view of what they are doing, it increases the accuracy of the diagnosis and improves patient outcomes by facilitating targeted treatment. Everyone deserves the best health care possible, and interventional radiology is here to provide precisely that.

Faster Recovery Times

Generally, recovering from an interventional radiology procedure takes a significantly shorter time than the traditional surgery methods. For instance, if you underwent a hysterectomy, you might require several weeks before full recovery. However, with the uterine fibroid embolization procedure, you should be good to go within days. If you want to go back to your routine within the shortest time possible, an IR procedure should give you the results you need.

No Pain

Open surgery is often associated with the pain levels that patients have to endure, whether during or after a procedure. However, with interventional radiology, the procedure is carried out by inserting high-tech wires through the wrist or groin. These wires are then directed through the vascular system to the area where there is a problem. Notably, blood vessels do not have any nerves, which guarantees no pain as the procedure is performed. If you have a medical issue that you have continued to postpone because of the risks and pain involved with open surgery, IR is the solution you need.

Outpatient Basis

Going through open surgery often requires patients to be admitted into the hospital, but with interventional radiology, most of the procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. Patients are able to return home the same day after the completion of the procedure.

There Is No Need for General Anesthesia

General anesthesia comes with its risks, and it is primarily unavoidable where open surgery is involved. Thankfully with interventional radiology procedures, it is not necessary. Only local anesthesia is administered to calm you and ensure your safety is a priority.

Interventional radiology is a new specialty, but there are more reasons than one why they are worth considering for anyone weighing their options. However, always ensure you consult with an interventional radiologist to understand the best treatment option for you. Before deciding, you must know what you are signing up for and if the benefits consolidate your decision.





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Top Reasons Why Interventional Radiology Is Better Than Open Surgery

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