Top Tips For Women To Train Better At The Gym

Top Tips For Women To Train Better At The Gym
Top Tips For Women To Train Better At The Gym

Top Tips For Women To Train Better At The Gym : Did you know a study showed back in 2018 that the gym is one place where women feel most intimidated? With a whirlwind of differing advice and contradictory information blended in with some easily off-putting stigma, it’s no wonder.

You hear things all the time that can make the gym an absolute minefield! Don’t do cardio, do cardio, don’t do weights, weights are the best thing to do and so on – it’s crazy! With this in mind, here’s some useful tips for the modern-day woman to train at her best in the gym!

Lift Heavy with fewer reps

This is actually a funny one. Many women believe that by lifting heavy weights that they’re going to end up looking butch, but his is certainly not the case. When you lift weights at the gym, they should be heavy – how heavy I hear you scream? Heavy enough that you can get between 6-8 reps without stopping.

Heavy weights are harder to do, therefore require more energy that triggers a fat burning hormone response and this, ladies, triggers fat loss. Stop hitting 20 easy reps and hit the heavy stuff, your body will love you for it and you won’t end up looking like Iris Kyle (unless you’re training for 4 hours a day all year round and are pursuing a career in weightlifting!)

We love to dress up, so dress the part at the gym

I always say to women at the gym that they wouldn’t wear their old baggies to a business meeting to impress on a sales pitch or a boardroom filled with fat-cat directors, would you? Hell no! and whilst I’m not here to say to impress others (this isn’t about people judging how you look) it does work wonders to boost your confidence and how you generally feel – which means it’ll show in your work out.

Invest in some quality womens gym wear – you will certainly not regret it.

Do NOT compare yourself to others

We’ve all been guilty of glancing across the gym at that super buff woman who looks like you can crack a walnut on her buttocks and in doing this it’s lowered morale. Enjoy your workouts! Remember you are there for you not anyone else. Your workout should make you feel healthy, empowered, strong and everything else that comes with it – so embrace it – and stop comparing yourself to others at the gym.

Get yourself a plan

We use plans daily in our everyday life to succeed in certain tasks and to have a plan in iron paradise is no exception to this rule. A well put together plan will help you stick to your routines, monitor your progress and keep you motivated. It can also give you a sense of what you need to be doing at the gym – start here with this routine from Lifehack, it’s pretty neat!

Eat clean – working out is fruitless without nutrition

As the old adage goes you can’t out-train a bad diet, so ladies, please stop trying. We’ve all been there, glaring disappointedly down at the scale to see that it hasn’t moved before getting flashbacks of a binge on doner kebabs the previous weekend. You can treat yourself, but don’t make it an everyday occurrence.

Good food is plentiful and there are tonnes of training-friendly foods that will help you stay on track to achieve your goals. You can find tonnes of nutrition info online from a quick Google search so find some good recipes and get eating clean – your body will love you for it.

Good luck, girls.







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Top Tips For Women To Train Better At The Gym

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