Transform Your Emotions

Positive emotions elevate your chemistry. This allows your natural talents and abilities to increase. The more skilled you become at transforming your negative emotions into positive ones in regard to the same fact, the happier you will become. This you know that everything you experience in your life is merely a fact. It is the negative emotions you attach to those facts that keep you from reaching your goals and being happy. For example, getting up at 5:30 AM to exercise is a fact. If you hate getting up early, guess what happens to your chemistry and motivation to get out of bed when your alarm goes off? It is important to focus on the personal satisfaction you will receive if you do get up and exercise, instead of focusing on hating to get up. Focus on your desire to be in shape and to be in control of your memory sheet. “He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.” –Confucius.

The technique of transforming your emotional association to facts is done by changing your focus. When you go through life, it is much easier if you focus on the positive, instead of the negative. Here are some personal experiences from my friend’s life, as he narrated, that may help you to understand how to do it. When he swam in the San Francisco Bay, the water temperature was to fall as winter approached. To jump into the bay during the winter months, he had to train his memory sheet how to feel emotionally as the water got colder and colder. When the water temperature dropped to 54 degrees, he had prepared himself that he was about to enjoy an ecstatic experience. When the water temperature dropped below 48 degrees, he again told himself that he was about to experience a state of euphoria.

When you jump into water that is 48 degrees or colder, you may experience a burning sensation on your skin. You do not know if it is hot or cold, it just burns. Then, you hyperventilate for about a minute until you catch your breath. It can be a horrible or wonderful emotional experience depending upon what you choose to experience. chose the latter – to make it a wonderful experience.

You may be thinking to yourself that you could care less about swimming in freezing water. But, how would you feel knowing that you swam the Golden Gate Bridge and swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco? You would probably feel very good about yourself knowing that you have a strong spirit and that you are in control, instead of your emotions. So what does this have to do with your life? A swimmer, who had won two silver medals for swimming in the 1976 Olympics, narrated to my friend, his facts of pain and fatigue that he confronted while preparing for a comeback at the 1984 Olympics. The United States had boycotted the 1980 Olympics. He mentioned that when he was pushing himself to swim faster, he sometimes hated the pain he experienced as his lungs burned for oxygen. There were other times when he would hold back from pushing himself faster because he feared the pain he would suffer. Until the body adapts itself to increased work loads, you experience pain and fatigue. Pain and fatigue are nothing more than facts. It is your choice how you wish to emotionally experience them. If you attach hate or fear to the pain and fatigue, guess what happens to your chemistry and your ability to push your body faster?

Creating positive emotions of love and bravery allow you to push on in spite of your discomfort. Positive emotions cause your brain to secrete chemicals that block out the pain and give you additional energy. For example, the “runner’s high” is created by individuals pushing themselves beyond the wall of pain and fatigue until their brains secrete endorphins, a biochemical with properties similar to morphine. Athletes love and become addicted to this high.

If you find yourself in situations that approach your pain and fatigue thresholds, consciously realize that pain and fatigue are facts. You can choose how you want to experience them emotionally. Instead of hating or fearing pain and fatigue, focus all your attention on the pleasure you receive from controlling your memory sheet. Love knowing that you control your destiny and are on your way to becoming the best of the best. Happiness and success are the rewards for pushing yourself beyond what others are willing to do.

It is possible that while preparing yourself for a particular target, you may ignore the focus in other parts of your life and it is also possible that some factors of other parts of your life may hold you back when you are going to strike upon the target. You will have to prepare yourself all around. It is important to realize that your emotional state affects your entire life and everything that you do.

Train yourself to transform all your negative emotional reactions into positive ones by changing your focus. It is a challenge to always remain positive. It can be accomplished with effort over time as you train your memory sheet to respond with positive emotions, instead of negative ones. You can transform your negative emotions into positive ones by creating a mind set that your glass is always half full. You don’t want to go through life with a glass that is half empty. The liquid is in the middle of the glass, but there can be two different emotions to the same fact. One is positive and one is negative. It is up to you to decide if your glass is half full or half empty. If you believe that your glass is half full, you will have a higher level of chemistry then if you believe that your glass is half empty. As simple as this concept sounds, it can make the difference between living a happy life or an unhappy one. The nice thing about it is that it’s your choice and totally in your control.

Remember, every situation in your life is nothing more than a fact! While you may not be able to control the facts, you can control your emotional response to them. If you do, you will have more fun and be more successful. All it takes is a conscious effort to realize that any negative emotional response you have to any fact, fair or unfair, poisons your chemistry and hinders your natural abilities. Once you completely understand that negative emotions in any degree contribute to your unhappiness and failures, you can start transforming the negative emotions on your memory sheet into positive ones by simply changing your focus. It is done by working at it, over and over, until it becomes an instinctive habit. Learn from your mistakes and make the appropriate adjustments.

Become the master of your memory sheet and your emotions. Love life and accept all of its challenges. Be brave and determined to succeed in spite of all odds or hardships. Olympics is the most respected and widely watched sporting event in the world. The Gold Medal is a symbol of mankind’s highest level of achievement in the world of sports. It is the reward for years of personal sacrifice and self-discipline. Olympic athletes are very dedicated and focused individuals. They work very hard to perfect themselves and their performance. They cannot afford to have any negative emotions, and not do their very best because it will cost them their dreams. Are you doing your best to achieve your dreams?

To master your memory sheet and transfer your negative emotions into positive ones requires the same constant effort of an Olympic athlete. However, it can be accomplished. All it takes is a strong desire and persistent action on your part to meet your commitment all the time at your disposal. And you would be happy again.

Be Happy – Transform Your Emotions.